{chapter 41}

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The second my eyes opened , I had butterflies in my stomach for anticipation of what was to come of the date I had planned later that night. I had alot I needed to say to Nix, and I hoped he would understand and we can begin to coexist better again.

I pulled on some leggings and a sports bra, then tied my hair into a tight bun . A run is for sure what I needed at the moment, to relax me and the fact I haven't worked out in ages would make me feel good.


After my run, I was in need of a nice long, hot shower. So naturally that's what I did. I took my time scrubbing my scalp with a lavender smelling shampoo followed by the matching conditioner.

My body was due for a good shave and scrub, so I made sure to shave everything until it was smooth then exfoliate all the dead skin off.

Once I got out, I even took time to put on a face mask to prime my skin for the full face I was about to cake on in the hours to come.

I highly tool dried my hair, but left it alone, going for the natural look and wanting my waves/curls to look extra popping.

I walked to my closet, getting frustrated on what to wear. I wanted to look nice but I didn't know what type of look I was going for . After a long while and trying on what felt like a hundred different combination outfits ,I choose some tight, light washed ripped jeans that made my butt look rather nice.

For my top I slipped on a strapless bra and a white off the shoulder top that showed a tiny bit of my stomach, so I made sure to put in a cute belly ring.

I took a deep breath after looking in my full length mirror, examining myself mostly because I was insanely nervous. I tried to hide my nerves behind a full face of foundation, contour , false lashes and red lipstick.

I knew I looked nice , but my stomach felt like it was literally rolling out of me.

After one good look at myself I looked at the clock and realized it was time to pack my purse and slip on some brown wedged heels.

In middle of throwing a 'just in case' tampon in my bag, I heard the front door start to open and it felt as if someone kicked the breathe out of me and I gasped hard.

Nix apparently heard my gasp because he gave a small, half smile. "Sorry." He offered, closing the door behind him.

His hair was cut shorter than the last time I seen him, and he was dressed in his normal officer uniform which I had to hold back an eye roll.

"That's how your going?" I questioned , trying to hold back a hostile voice.

"Uh yeah. I technically have an hour left on the clock, but the guys are gonna cover for me. We can leave now." He said, averting eye contact.

"Yeah. Im ready." I replied, letting him lock up and following him out.

He led me to his squad car, which was a a for suv.

Holding the door open for me, Nix held my waist slightly as he helped me get in. I smiled softly as the old, kind gesture.

He soon got in, and we were off to an unknown location.

"What are you in the mood for?" he asked after a few moments of siting in silence.

"Ive kind of been craving a burger." I admitted, still look down at my lap, feeling slightly awkward.

"Burgers it is." he agreed , leaving the parking lot and taking us onto the main roads.

We still sat in silence, until a familiar song began to play over the radio, making me smile and reach over to turn it up out of instinct.

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