{chapter 15}

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I continued my weekend like normal. I did inhuman amounts of homework and I started working out a little more by going jogging at least once a day usually in the morning.  I began a health kick and it was going along nicely.

It gave me the excuse to buy more cute work out outfits honestly.

I even stopped putting heat on my hair for the past few days and it was a pretty nice feeling that I wish would last forever.

I didn't tell anyone at all about what happened to Phoenix and I except for Minnie. She was going through the struggle with Jeremy so her advice at this point was the best.

I wanted so badly to tell my sister my problems but I haven't talked to any of my family after the incident, which now I see was all for nothing.

"Mia, honestly if he didn't chase you, it's not worth it. Don't hang around on him like a lost puppy." She advised me one day that I was particularly down in our biology class we shared.

And I agreed. I hadn't talked to Phoenix since then and it kind of hurt. I felt kind of like when I was younger and would go home crying because me and my best friend got into a dumb argument over who got which Barbie.
It was dumb but it still hurt.
But I wasn't the one at fault and I wouldn't apologize.

Of course he sent a few messages here and there apologizing , but if he was really sorry then he would at least call.

I felt my stomach grumble as I left my last class of the day and pondered what I could eat. I though about a really good burger so I decided on that as I dragged myself across the big campus.

I admired the tall buildings and their glass windows that allowed you to look outside whenever. The grass was always green and for some reason it always smelt fresh and earthy.

I continued waking but stopped dead in my tracks and my eyes widened when I looked ahead and seen a very familiar man sitting on a bench  in his usual uniform. I immediately spun around to try and escape but it was too late.

"Mia!" He called out and I heard loud quick foot steps on the pavement behind me.

I slowly turned around to face Phoenix, who lordy was looking great as ever. His eyes happened to be particularly sparkly today and it was making me even more irritated with him.

"Can I help you officer?" I asked through gritted teeth while slowly taking a few steps back and placing my hands on the straps of my back pack.

"Aw come on Mia, don't be like that please. I'm sorry. I even brought you flowers, your favorite kind too." He said while pulling out the flowers from behind his back.

They were a bouquet of red and white roses that were so fresh little droplets of water were still hanging onto the leaves and petals.

"If you think you bringing me flowers is going to fix how rude you were, you need a serious reality check." I scoffed at him roughly pushing the flowers back at him.

I brushed passed him and continued on my way to my car. The usually bitter wind has been calming down lately thankfully so I was able to pick up the pace without my lips instantly chapping.

Phoenix jogged up to me and easily kept up with my fast pace.

"Please babe?" He asked again reaching for my casted  arm.

Before he could touch it I jerked it away from him and swirled to face him.

"Leave me alone or I'll call the cops." I told him sarcastically. "And I'm not your babe."

"Please?" He said softer this time, his eyes wide and pleading.

"Leave me alone!" I whisper shouted at him, not wanting to cause a scene since there was classes going on, so there was a good amount of people around. "Phoenix you literally humiliated in front of all your friends or whatever. That's unacceptable." I growled at him letting my anger seep through my teeth.

I turned around and kept walking and of course he kept following. At this point I was slightly out of breath but I wouldn't let it show.

I made it to my car and unlocked my door to throw my bags in when Phoenix blocked my way.

"Amelia please. I'm sorry. I was a ass but I don't want to loose you." He begged me and I rolled my eyes at him. "I just got upset at the guys and wrongly took it out on you." He tried to explain but I honestly wasn't having it.

"Prove it." I challenged him while crossing my arms and leaning against my car. "Prove your sorry."

He was quite for a second before he threw his body against mine and kissed me deeply. His lips were soft and anxious and I can't lie and say I didn't miss his lips on mine because I surely did.

After being stubborn for a few seconds I gave in and kissed him back making electricity run through my veins. He finally pulled away and handed me my favorite flowers once again.

I gingerly took them but kept up my defensive posture. A kiss wouldn't have me falling at his feet like the girls in the movies.

"Take me to the station and apologize to me in front of all the guys." I demanded.

"Mia..." He trailed off and I shrugged tossing the flowers back to him and opening my driver side door once again, ready to leave.

If his pride was in the way of his apologizing then I wanted no part in him whatsoever.

"I'll do it. Just please don't leave again?" He begged grabbing my hand.

His hair was slightly tussled from a long day, be he looked still gorgeous. His lips slightly pinker after kissing me and I wondered if mine looked the same.

"Then don't ever disrespect me again." I told him point blankly before he embraced me in a hug.

The hug was warm and comforting and the way his uniform smelt reminded me of fresh pine on a crisp day.

I hugged him back firmly and I definitely missed his arms around me too.

"How about lunch right now, then apologize after?" He asked me when he heard my stomach grumble.

"Meet you at Denny's" I told him finally getting into my car.

Sometimes you either make it or brake it, and for now I think we made it.

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