{chapter 26}

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Song of the chapter- PillowTalk by ZAYN

"Reckless behavior, a place that is so pure.." I sang along softly to PillowTalk while curling my eyelashes up.

My hair fell down my back in soft waves that took about 20 YouTube tutorials and multiple times to re start, but they eventually came out how I wanted them.

I chose high waisted jean shorts and and a flowy chiffon v neck tank top type thing paired with my knee high gladiator sandals.

Of course under my outfit was a different story that goes along the lines to trip to Victoria Secret.

"Bout to leave the station , see you in around 20 my love." My phone dinged showing a message from Phoenix.

My stomach did a whole bunch of little flip flops and I hurriedly put all my products away to go meet my man at a simple chain restaurant. I honestly don't care if we don't constantly eat expensive dinners , as long as I have Nix on the other side of the table.

Phoenix was in his cop car today because he spent some time on the streets so I grabbed the keys to his Rover, since to be honest I didn't want to have to get gas in my car.

I tossed my purse in the passenger seat and got into the drivers and took a few minutes adjusting the seat before I was off to the restaurant.

Traffic was annoying but it wasn't as bad as I expected so I arrived early.

The night life of Seattle always thrived with different kinds of people, all enjoying themselves and I loved that.

After I gave the car to valet to park I walked into the restaurant that was bustling with waiters running around all types of friends laugh in and talking.

The restaurant was rather large with an old Italian Renaissance theme and high ceilings.

"How can we help you tonight miss?" A blonde hostess asked kindly.

"Two for Phoenix" I said back.

"Oh he just arrived , you can follow me and I'll show you were he's seated." She kindly told me leading me around tables to a booth that was some what in the back, but still had many people surrounding.

"Enjoy your dinner, your waitress will be over soon." She ended before walking away.

Phoenix was on his phone but when he glanced up he did a double take and quickly stood up.

"You look amazing Mia." He said giving me a brief kiss on the cheek.

Phoenix's hair was still intact from this morning telling me that his day at work wasn't too rough. He was still in his officer uniform but damn I didn't mind. It definitely hugged his in all the right places and I could tell his working out has been paying off because his biceps have have grown.

"Same goes from you officer." I replied teasingly and having a seat from across from him.

"How was your day?" I casually asked while looking over what type of sandwiches were available.

"Pretty slow, only a few traffic tickets no real arrests today. We continue on the case tomorrow." He replied while also looking over the menu. "And yours?"

"Well" I began "you so wouldn't even belive what happened in class tod-" I was cut off my Phoenix's phone ringing.

He quickly went to shut it off but then he looked up and gave me an apologetic look. "Mia I have to take this-"

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