{chapter 13}

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Song of the chapter- lay it all on me

"Turn right here?" I asked Phoenix as we came into an intersection.

"Yes, then go straight." He replied.

After our kiss, there was many more. Like a lot more, and Phoenix kinda sort of moved in with me.(Not officially yet) I've visted his apartment a few times and it was really nice, but I could never part with mine for too long, hence us being at mine most of the time. I mean he has a toothbrush there.

I know we only kissed for the first time one or two weeks ago, but it seemed like much longer as we grew closer and closer. He was very respectful too as we slept in the same bed together but he didn't try anything.

Phoenix got out of work early, as he was still in his uniform and we were out at lunch when he got a call asking if he could pick up his brother from school since his father was unable to.

Phoenix in his uniform made my stomach feel all light and airy because :
1. Hanging out with a cop made one a little nervous for reasons unknown
2. He was gorgeous. The way the dark uniform made his green eyes look more vibrant had a deep affect on my brain.

We pulled up to a large (very fancy) k-8 labeled Wilmoat Elementry . Kids were all running around in their prestigious uniforms tossing footballs to one another, all waiting for their parents to pick them up. All of the cars in the parking lot were shiny and top of the line.

Among all the students there was one little boy holding a galaxy project sitting on the curb by himself and as I got closer I seen it was Nick.

I honked the horn a little to get his attention and it did. He smiled, collected his project and made his way to my car , jumping in the backseat.

"Hey Mia." He greeted me sweetly.

"That project you got is really cool." I complimented him waiting for all the parents to hurry up and collect their kids and go.

"Yeah, it's broken though." He said sadly. I peeked in the mirror and seen him toying with Saturn's rings that had fallen off.

"How did you break it? I know you worked really hard on it." Phoenix prompted him. I also wondered how he broke it, Nick didn't seem to be the type to be careless.

"Well I didn't really break it. This guy named Larrent did it. But I'm sure it was an accident...." He trailed off.

"The same Larrent that broke all your color pencils?" Phoenix said angrily turning around in his seat to look at his brother. "We've talked about this. You need to stop letting you push you around." He scolded.

"Is he out here?" I asked feeling my own blood boil for the poor kid.

"Yeah he's that kid with the blonde hair." Phoenix pointed out , ready to get out of the car but I grabbed his wrist shaking my head and rolling down my own window.

"Hey Larrent!" I yelled making all the kids he was playing with stop and stare along with some parents. "Listen here you little shit, you need to  leave Nick the hell the alone or I will personally make every single one of your worse fears come to life do you understand me?" I screamed at him. "You pathetic pile of nothing." I added for extra effect.

By now a lot of other parents were staring and the kid was near tears but  I couldn't find myself to feel bad. He was obviously aware of his "upper" special status even as a kid, and I'd be dammed if I let him run over a sweet boy like Nick.

His mother , I assume then got out of her car wearing six inch heels and a wedding ring the size of a rock to comfort him and probably give me a peace of her mind. I didn't let the happen because I flipped them both off and rolled up my window and sped off. Well as fast as I could go in a school zone.

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