{chapter 28}

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"Hey baby, how are you." Phoenix asked closing and locking our door.

"Fine." I replied simply , my eyes staring at the doorway above his head.

"You'll never guess how good today was." He continued not yet turning  around,  still taking off his belt and such but I could tell by his tone he was smiling.

"Tell me how good." I said in the same lifeless tone and moved my eyes to the back of his head.

He was about to answer but stopped as he turned around.

"Amelia what's wrong?" He asked worriedly, brushing a hand through his soft light hair.

I just sat there and sniffled my eyes never leaving his. I could feel the cake of my mascara that had run down my face from the silent tears falling .

"Nothing." I said , my voice cracking and shaking my head slowly all while a sick feeling was rising in the top of my belly.

Then I think it hit him when he seen my hair, makeup and outfit. Or what was left of my hair makeup and outfit I should say.

"Amelia , Mia I-I forgot I'm sorry. I swear I'll make it up to you." He blurted getting down on a knee by me and grabbing my hands in his ,hurriedly.

I sniffled again as a fresh flow of tears threatened to break through.

"I don't understand how you did this to me. I bought a new outfit. I didn't my hair. And you fucking forget about me?" I asked my voice rising.

"No Mia it's not like that. You know my job-"

I cut him off my yanking my hand out of his.

"What happened to your jaw?" I asked in a stone looking at the bruising that was growing.

"It's not really important-" he started again but I cut him off once again.

"What. Happened." I demanded springing up from my chair and pointing a finger at him.

He sighed , took a deep breath and stood up."Mia, after my shift , me and some of the guys went to get drinks at the bar and there was a little scuffle between us and some random drunks." He tried to explain while I noticed the bruising also on his knuckles.

I laughed a humorless laugh."That's hilarious. You ditched me? Made me get all ready? To go get a drink with the guys?" I said with a twisted smirk.

He said nothing and I shook my head pushing past him straight to our room.

"Mia , please I'll make it up to you." He begged.

"I'm glad for whoever did that, you asshole!" I screeched at him referring to his jaw and grabbed my poka dot duffle bag.

So much was going through my mind. I thought Pheonix could of been hurt, injured or just something wrong in general but nope. He decided to go get a drink with the guys. I didn't even want to think of how he turned his phone off  or how he forgot.

I began going to my drawers and shoving some pajamas, underwear and bras  into the bag angrily.

At this moment I couldn't stay here.

"Amelia please." Phoenix begged wrapping his arms around me from the back.

I began to struggle to get out of grasp , butI went limp when I realized the cherry on the top of this wonderful night.

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