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I stopped on what I'm doing when someone knocked on the door.

"It's me, Johnny," he said. I leaned my back on the chair as I play the ballpen with my fingers.

"Come in," mariin kong saad.

The door opened and the person who has been serving our family since then, entered. He's the one who takes care of me since I was a child. Siya ang umaasikaso sa lahat-lahat ng kailangan ko. And he got my trust, big time.

He walked towards me and stopped when he's already few inches away from my table. Yumuko siya nang bahagya at inabot ang isang envelope sa akin.

"Master, all the things that you requested are already inside."

I picked the envelope and opened it. Kinuha ko ang lahat ng laman noon at inilatag sa aking mesa.

I stared on the pictures with the papers containing all the information about them.

I pick one of the pictures and stared on it.

She has a long black hair with a few red strands on it. Tall and sexy. Fierce expression.

"She's Cassandra Lionel, the only daughter of the well-known Alexander Lionel and the deceased heir of the influencial business tycoon, Sandra Crown-Lionel," Johnny stated. I read the details about her.

"She suits on the throne, Master. It is also stated there that she's good in fighting." He added.

My eyes landed on the other picture. She has this big smile while her hand is on the peace-sign pose. Black hair, black eyes and tan skin. She has a cheerful aura.

"She's Jolly Athalia Ambrose. Heir of the former second rank mafia group. Ang kanilang grupo ang pangatlo sa pinakamalakas na mafia dito sa Pilipinas... sa ngayon, Master," Johnny informed.

"What about her traits... her capabilities?" I asked as I stare on her face. Hmm, simple looking.

"Well, she has this deceiving looks. Kung titignan ay parang hindi niya magagawang manakit. But you see, she's a great assassin. Simula bata pa lang siya ay inihanda na siya para sa mundo na papasukin niya."

I almost look on each and every picture on the top of the table but no one caught my attention.

"Master, I look for the ladies who have the characteristic that you may desire. Beautiful, smart, strong and maybe... unbeatable. But it looks like, wala ka pang napipili. May problema?" Naguguluhan niyang tanong.

I sighed and massage my head. Yes, they came from powerful and influential family... and they are also strong individually. But no one caught my attention. I feel like there's something wrong and there's something missing. I can't choose anyone of them, because something is missing for me to choose one. To choose a lady who I can be with while ruling our organization.

"I don't know Johnny. Wala na bang iba?" I asked. He sighed.

"Maghahanap ulit ako, Master. But I doubt that I can find someone better than them." I nodded as I stare at his weary expression.

I know that he's already tired. Pang-ilang beses na 'to na hinanapan niya ako ng babae na maaaring maging kasama ko ngunit wala pa rin akong mapili.

"I will look for another batch, Master," he said with his voice full of determination to please me.

He bowed a bit and started to walk away. I sighed and pick the envelope to put the pictures and papers inside. But I stopped midway when something caught my attention.

I picked the picture and stared on it intently and I felt something. Something I can't explain.

"Johnny..." He stopped on his track and I felt him look at me. I signaled him to come which he immediately followed.

"Who's this?" I asked.

Kinuha niya ito mula sa akin at tinitigan iyon. His face lightened up as if he remembered something then shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Master. Caleb is really stubborn. I said that this picture shouldn't be here," he answered.

"Who's that? I'm asking you," mariin kong saad. I got the picture from him and stared on it again.

It is a stolen shot of a girl in school uniform. Her long brown hair is freely cascading down to her waist. Kapansin-pansin ang bilugan na kulay abo niyang mga mata. Her small nose is proud and it compliments her feature. May kanipisan ang pang-itaas niyang labi, but her lower lip is a bit pouty and it is inviting for something. And it looks like she doesn't have any idea about bad things. Damn, so innocent. I licked my lips while examining her face.

"She's Eirian Agape Lopez. An ordinary girl. She's living with her Aunt since her mother left her when she's still a child. She's turning seventeen. Nothing's special on her, oh, just her goddess-like beauty and remarkable intelligence," he stated. I arched my brow when I heard him said that there is nothing special on her. And it made me pissed for no apparent reason.

I tried to calm myself.

"Tell me more about her," mariin kong saad.

It's like he didn't expect what I said. He looks so shock but then he cleared his throat when he saw my serious expression.

"She usually experience bullying, maybe because she's weak and always quiet. And despite of it, she never fights back. She loves to be alone and she's always shy. Masipag at maraming achievement na naabot," aniya.

Smile slowly crept on my lips and nodded.

"She's the one..." I uttered. His eyes widened.

"But Master, she's not capable to be the future Queen of the strongest group!" hindi makapaniwalang saad niya.

And yeah, maybe... or not, but I don't give a fuck.

"I already decided. She's the one. I want her...I want her mine."



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