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"Lucinda, why are you always looking at that account?" Travis asked the orange haired female.

"This Instagrammer is so pretty and he looks so good in skirts!" Lucinda squealed.

"He?" Travis questioned. Lucinda nodded before saying,

"He's a cross-dresser. A crossdresser is-"

"I know what a crossdresser is, Lucinda" Travis interrupted.

"Travis, aren't you always whining about how you have too much money and no one to spend it on? Well, here is the answer to your problem. Be Zane's sugar daddy" Lucinda says. 

"I don't whine," Travis says lowly. Lucinda rolled her eyes. 

"That's not the point" She cried out.

"You should be Zane's sugar daddy"

Travis thought for a second before saying,

"I'm not so sure.." Lucinda let out a groan of frustration.

"Just look at him," She said, pushing the phone in his face. Travis stared at the photo of the crossdresser in amazement. Honestly, how could someone be so attractive? 

"Alright, fine" Travis said in defeat.

"But I don't have an Instagram account"

"I'll help you make one," Lucinda said with her hand in the air as if she was waiting to be picked on to answer a question for a teacher.

"It's really easy to make an Instagram account"

"Actually, I think I'll have Laurence help me-" 

"NO! Laurence is an asshole" Lucinda said, crossing her arms. Travis let out a chuckle. 

"Fine fine, you can help me," he says. Lucinda makes a noise of excitement as she says

"Give me your phone"

Travis pulled his phone out of his back pocket and handed it to Lucinda.

"The first step, download Instagram"

When the app finished installing, Lucinda proceeds to press the 'Don't have an account? Sign up' space.

" So, what would you like your username to be?" Lucinda asked. Travis shrugs his shoulders.

"I don't know. You pick" He said.

"But nothing stupid"

Lucinda immediately deleted the word 'sugar'.

Lucinda put her hand to her chin un a thinking position. Then it struck her. The perfect username.

"Mob boss," She said out loud. Travis raised an eyebrow. 

"Don't you think that would be a bit incriminating?" He asked. Travis is a drug lord after all. Lucinda shook her head with a short, 

"Nope" Travis still seemed a bit hesitant with the username. 

"I've seen a bunch of usernames that involve drugs, porn and all kinds of violence. There's also been an account that posts pictures of aborted fetuses. Disgusting" Lucinda finishes talking with a disgusting look. Travis was also disgusted. That was just too far.

When Lucinda handed the phone back to Travis, the drug lord eyed the account.


Travis Evans


Travis looked at the profile picture. It was a bouquet of black roses. Travis's favourite flower.

"Why Evans?" Travis asked.

"Don't you think it's going to be a bit suspicious that the name of the owner of this account has the same name as the big and bad kingpin?" Lucinda replied.

"Fair enough"

Lucinda lightly shook her head.

"Ok, you're following me now," she said.

"I think my account is awesome-"

"You're not a witch, Lucinda," Travis said in a bored tone. Lucinda gasped. 

"B-but witches grow herbs-" 

"Lucinda, you grow weed and strawberries"

"That doesn't matter," Lucinda said as she stomped out of Travis's workspace. Travis smiled in triumph. 

"She finally left," he said happily. Travis didn't hate Lucinda. She was just too much to handle. You would think being best friends with her for ten years Travis would get used to her extreme personality.

Now time to message a certain cross-dresser.

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