❁Twenty Nine❁

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Zane closed and locked the door to his room after he and Travis entered.

Zane's room was almost entirely black, as expected.

Before Zane got the chance to turn around, Travis hugged him from behind. 

"You're so cute, Zane." Travis drunkenly said. Zane turned his head to the side and kissed Travis' cheek.

"That's the fifth time you've said that since your first cup, Travis." Zane giggled. Travis let go of Zane, allowing him to turn around and face Travis.

"How many cups did you have, anyway?" Zane questioned. Travis had to think.

"Like, seven. Maybe eight." Travis said before leaning in to kiss Zane. Before their lips met, Travis lost balance and stumbled forward. Zane luckily caught him, if he didn't they both would have fallen.

"Wait, be careful. You should lie down." Zane said, helping Travis regained his balance. Travis took a few steps over to Zane's bed and sat down.

"Your bed is really bouncy." Travis marveled when he sat with a bounce. Zane mewled at the others' adorable behavior. Zane walked toward Travis but before he could say anything, Travis hugged him. 

"It might be a bit too early in our relationship to say this, but I don't care. I'm really glad you're in my life." Travis said, his voiced muffled by the shirt covering Zane's torso. Zane pet Travis' hair, which was extremely soft just as Zane imagined it to be.

Travis leaned backward and fell back onto the bed, bringing Zane down with him. a smile spread across Zane's face

'I'm glad you're in my life too."


Nana was confused, to say the least. She was also extremely worried. 

Why the actual fuck were these people inside of Aphmau and Zane's house? Didn't they know who these people are? Don't they know what these people do?

Nana wished she could pull Aphmau aside to talk to her, but she was currently being cornered by two way too familiar females. If Nana didn't know any better, she'd think that those two were actually flirting with Aphmau. But that couldn't be the case, right? And if Nana went up to Aphmau while the two were talking to her, they'd recognize her. They'd call her by that name. The name she never wants to be called again after quitting the gang called Meif'wa.

She just needs to lay low and silently leave. She'll talk to Aphmau some other time.

Slowly, she opened the front door to the house and left. 

And out of the corner of his eye, Gene saw her leaving.


Even more confusion made its way through the air. 

"Gene? What are you doing here? Do you know Aphmau and Zane?"

Shit. His brother is here.

"Hey, Dante! Yeah, I know Aphmau and Zane." Gene said before nervously scratching the back of his head. It's really weird how Aphmau and Zane know both siblings by just coincidence.

"Cool!" Dante smiled and Gene mentally sighed in relief that Dante didn't ask any follow-up questions.


Travis and Zane stayed cuddled on Zane's bed, arms wrapped around each other. They were talking. Asking and answering each others' drunken questions and telling stories from their pasts.

"Okay, so your voice was really high in highschool until you got hit in the throat by a soccer ball?" Travis laughed. 

"Yeah! It was really weird cause when I spoke, my voice turned out like this." Zane said, laughing. Zane had a question in mind to ask, but he wasn't sure he should ask it. This question was about Travis' activities as a gang leader. Travis didn't seem like a dangerous person, but who knows. 

Zane looked in Travis' eyes and immediately dismissed his thoughts. It didn't matter what the world thought of this man. In Zane's opinion, Travis is a lovable sweetheart and nothing could change that. 

"Why you lookin' at me like that?" Travis mumbled with a smile. Zane kissed his cheek.

"No reason."

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