❁Twenty Eight❁

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Eye contact was made. And not that kind of awkward eye contact that you'd make with your sex-ed teacher. The kind of eye contact that was kind of curious.

"We kind of look like each other." Zane came to the conclusion as to why he's been staring at the other.

"Yeah. I'm just taller." The other male said.

"And less pale."


"Less of a twink." They said simultaneously. They both roared with laughter. Zane glanced at the taller's neck and saw the V tattooed on his neck. The Valkrum tattoo. This guy is a part of Travis' gang. No wonder why Zane didn't recognize him.

"What's your name? If you don't mind me asking." Zane asked.

"Gene." The other replied. Zane let out a tiny gasp.

"You're Laurence's boyfriend!" he let out.

"In the flesh." Gene chuckled with a slight shrug.

"Nice! I'm Zane by the way." Zane smiled and now it was Gene's turn to gasp.

"Zane? Like Travis' sugar baby?!" Gene exclaimed and Zane couldn't help but snort out loud. Zane didn't think Travis would talk about him so much. Gene made it sound like standing in front of the Zane was an urban legend come true.

"Yeah! Well actually, we're dating now." Zane smiled brightly. Saying that out loud was an amazing feeling to Zane. 

"Congratulations! That's so amazing to hear!" Gene beamed. For a tall, masculine, and imitating looking guy, Gene was a literal ball of sunshine and fluff.


Zane downed his third cup of alcohol, then put a cherry-flavored lollipop in his mouth. He was on the edge of tipsy, but not quite drunk. He should stop drinking right now before he gets to the point of completely drunk.

"Isn't that your third cup?" A familiar voice said. Zane looked over and saw Vylad.

"Yeah, I'm stopping there." Zane's words slurred ever so slightly.

"Aren't you gonna drink?"

Vylad shook his head. 

"Can't. Designated driver and Garroth is drunk off his ass." Vylad pointed to the head of blonde hair in the middle of the open space and dancing with Laurence's sister, Cadenza. Zane snickered. He can't recall the last time he has seen Garroth let loose for once.

"What a dumbass." Zane snickered. Vylad laughed in agreement. 


Aphmau was losing her goddamn mind. Just a few minutes ago, she was just vibing with a red cup in her hand and dancing by herself. Then it happened. The two hotties aka Lucinda and Kaitlyn, who were obviously wasted, came up to her.

"What's a pretty girl like you dancing by yourself for?" Kaitlyn spoke in her usual deep voice. Aphmau froze. The ice queen herself called Aphmau a pretty girl. Oh, the gay panic was so real.

"Why so lonely, Aph? Need us to keep you company?" Lucinda spoke sweetly.

"Uh." Aphmau couldn't kind the right answer to those questions. She smiled shyly.

Kaitlyn's gaze was too much and Lucinda's devilish smirk added onto the pile of 'too much'.

"Yeah!" Aphmau said, a bit too enthusiastically. 


After Garroths little dancing session with a complete stranger, he had leaned himself against a wall.

That's where he saw him. God himself, no, the Devil himself. An attractive beast with platinum blonde hair, the brightest green eyes, multiple piercings on his ears and nose, and neck tattoos that led god knows where. 

Garroth's heart wrenched with nothing but the want and desire to have that man in his life.

But then it happened.

Zane had approached the man. The man smiled and-

They kissed.

Zane whispered something to the other, then they started to make their way upstairs. Most likely to Zane's room.

Garroth's shoulders drooped as he frowned. 

Another possible love interest stollen by his little brother.


A/N: We love a bit of angst~ 

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