❁Twenty Three❁

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A/N: I forgot to mention that Aphmau and Zane are roommates.

And y'all, I don't know anything about iPhones so bear with me


"I guess you were right, Aph." Zane said, scrolling through the Instagram messages on his phone. How should Zane even react to his sugar daddy being an actual gang leader? This seems like something right out of a fan fiction.

"I told you so." Aphmau said. Zane rolled his eyes. 

"So, that's where he gets all his money...ow!" Zane trailed off then cried out when Aphmau slapped the back of his head.

"But are you seeing what his friend said? He likes your bitchass!" She exclaimed. Zane winced from the strike and rubbed his head.

"You know what that means?! Possible boyfriend celebration! Jump with me!" Aphmau started jumping on her bed. Zane stood up and started jumping with Aphmau, feeling relieved that Travis didn't just want him for sex.

"Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend!!" They both chanted. They stopped when Zane's phone started ringing. He received it from Aphmau's nightstand. It was a face time call with and unknown number, he declined it. Almost immediately after, the number started calling again.

"This is interesting." Zane said.

"What?" Aphmau peeked over his shoulder.

"This number keeps trying to face time me." 

"Oh, answer. This could be fun~. You never know~." She sang

And so, Zane answered the call.

"Finally you answer." 

Zane wanted to scream.

It was Travis. He's looking at Travis. Travis is smiling at him.

"So, uh, I'm not sure what house it is but I am absolutely sure I am on your street."

Zane set the phone down, walked to a corner and screamed.

Aphmau leaned over the phone.

"Hi Travis! It's me! Aphmau!" Aphmau rapidly waved at the camera.

"Hi Aphmau!" Travis waved back with just as much enthusiasm.

Zane screamed once more, then walked back over to the phone. 

"Travis, It's seven o'clock at night, why are you here?" Zane asked. Travis shrugged.

"I wanted to see you. Besides, it's not like I'm not alone out here. I brought Lucinda and Laurence with me."

"Hi!" Screamed orange haired female and a brown haired male as they appeared on screen.

"Oh my god, it's your cute dealer." Zane said to Aphmau. Aphmau's eyes went wide.

"We're on your street, Zane." Laurence said.

"Yeah, come outside." Lucinda added.

Zane took a look at his attire. Pretty good. He looked at Aphmau's attire, also pretty good.

"Alright, I'll be out in a bit." Zane said. The three on the phone cheered and Zane could vaguely hear them down the street. They were approaching.

"Hurry, Travis wants a big hug~."

"Shut up!" 

"The half purple half black house is ours." Aphmau said.

Zane hang up and almost screamed again.

"Zane, that's who I talked to on your phone. Lucinda is the cute dealer. Oh My God." Aphmau was having epiphany after epiphany.

"Travis is outside Travis is outside Travis is outside." Zane was freaking out. He has been wanting to meet Travis for a while now, but this was actually happening right now. How did Travis even find his number or his street? Is that one of the perks of being a gang leader? Getting information from anyone he wants to get information from? It suddenly hit Zane of how a dangerous man Travis could be. He's probably killed before, tortured people, beat the hell out of people to 'send a message'. But who gives a fuck about that right now? Travis is outside!

"Let's go!" Zane started pulling Aphmau's arm. 

The two raced downstairs. Zane reached the door and stopped right before touching the handle.

"You go out there first." He said. Aphmau rolled her eyes as Zane stepped aside. Aphmau opened the door and stepped out. There stood Travis, Lucinda and Laurence waving. Aphmau waved back eagerly. She looked back towards the door and kicked it. Then Zane peeked outside. He was nervous, but when he saw Travis in all of his handsome glory, his nerves calmed down. Travis smiled and held his arms out for a hug. Zane ran out there and jumped into Travis' arms.


A/N: This will be the last update for this week. Updates with continue on either Monday or Tuesday.

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