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"How's your seduction game going with your gang leader?" Aphmau asked Zane, laying down on his bed.

"He's not a gang leader." Zane mumbled.

"The end of the game is hopefully put in motion."

You see, this 'seduction game' Aphmau speaks of is a game Zane plays with every man he's encountered. He seduces each man and sees how long it takes for them to break. Zane's been playing this game with Travis ever since he's met him. It seems as though Travis is going to break soon and finally meet up with Zane to fuck him.

"That's good to hear. What's going to happen once the game ends?" Aphmau asked. Zane shrugged.

"I don't know. I kind of don't want it to end." Zane said. Aphmau could sense a tiny bit of sadness in his voice.

"Why? What's up?" She asked while sitting up.

"I think I really like Travis. Just not only in a sexual way. I'm afraid if the game ends, he won't find any interest in me." Zane truthfully said.

Aphmau leaned her head back.

"But what if he already likes you in a romantic way?" She asked. Zane looked at her, puzzled.

"Maybe he likes you, but is waiting for you two to meet before saying it."

Zane opened his mouth to say something, then closed it.

"Maybe you're right." He finally said.

"Of course I'm right. You know what this conclusion needs? Weed." Next thing that happens, Aphmau is typing on her phone. Zane looked over her shoulder to see the contact name; orange haired cutie.

"Are you really texting your dealer?" Zane asked. Aphmau nodded.

"She's really cute!" She exclaimed.

"I'll be the judge of that." Zane said dramatically.

About fifteen minutes later, Aphmau's phone vibrated.

"She's here!" Aphmau said, running out of the room, Zane of course ran with her. They both composed themselves before Aphmau opened the front door.

"Hi!" The orange hair at the door greeted (does Lucinda count as a red-head?).

"Hi!" Aphmau greeted back. Zane appeared behind Aphmau and waved at the pale woman. The girl looked at Zane and her eyes widened.

"Oh my God.." she whispered.

"Is there a problem?" Aphmau asked.

"Uhm no, there isn't. You're Zane right? I'm a huge fan of your Instagram account! I love your content!" She squealed. Zane turned red.

"Thank you." He gushed.

"I'm not sure if this would be a weird request or not, but can I take a selfie with you?" She asked.

"Sure!" Zane replied.

The woman took out her phone and went on an app called 'snow'. Then she picked the perfect filter for this occasion.

"Alright~." She held her phone up in a 'group selfie' position so Aphmau could also be in the picture.

"Say cheese~" The woman said as the cat filter caught on to all of the faces present. Zane winked and Aphmau made a peace sign.

A small click signaled that a picture was taken.

"Thank you so much!" The woman exclaimed.


Lucinda ran into Travis' office at the speed of light.

"You'll never fucking guess-"

"Good afternoon, Lucinda. How are you today." Travis interrupted in a happy tune. His face looked as if he was kissed till he couldn't breathe by a long lost soul mate.

"But, listen!" Lucinda exclaimed.

"You know the cute girl I always talk about? The one with the dark hair and the beautiful skin." She gushed. However, Travis was only half listening.

"Well, she wanted a dime today ,so she texted me and-and-and." Lucinda pulled out her phone and hastily put in her password. She shoved the device in Travis' face.

"I met Zane!"

As soon as Travis' eyes focused on the previously taken picture, he slammed his fist onto the table.

"Oh my God!" He exclaimed. He took the phone away from Lucinda's grasp and zoomed in on the cross-dresser. Travis then made a noise that sounded like 'eeeeee'.

"What did he sound like? Is his skin as soft as it looks? Is he short? What was he wearing?" Travis asked questions upon questions.

"His voice is surprisingly pretty deep. I didn't touch his skin, but it did look soft. He's about the same height as me so like 5'6" I guess. He was wearing black pants and a black and grey crop." Lucinda answered the questions Travis had asked.

Travis made another noise.

"Zaneeeee." he whined in a high-pitched voice. He climbed into his desk and laid on his back. Lucinda looked at him as he continued to whine.

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