❁Twenty Seven❁

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Zane and Travis entered the house. Aphmau looked at the slightly disheveled hair and Zane's flushed face.

"You guys made out in his car, huh?" She asked Zane with a smirk on her face. Zane's face flushed red.

"Not in his car." He answered shyly. Aphmau glanced over to Travis.

"Excuse us." She said as she pulled Zane aside. She crossed her arms.

"Details. Now."

~ "You're really pretty, Zane." Travis suddenly blurted out. Zane's mind went blank as he put the last bottle of liquor in the trunk before closing it.

"Am I?" Zane playfully asks in an 'I know' voice.

"Yeah." Travis said in a breathy voice as he stepped closer to Zane.

"I still can't believe I'm in front of you, talking to you, looking at you." Travis steps closer again. Zane took a step closer too.

"Well, what can I do to make you believe it?" Zane asked. Travis smirked.

"I think you know." Travis placed his hand on Zane's cheek. Zane wrapped his arms around Travis' neck, pulling him closer. They were so close now. Travis could almost see his reflection in Zane's bright blue eyes. He could see the many freckles that were sprinkled across Zane's skin.

After a few seconds of staring, Travis' other hand pulled Zane closer by his hip so that their bodies were pressed against each other.

"Travis." Zane spoke. Oh god, Travis loves it when Zane says his name.

Travis leaned in and finally kissed Zane.~

"That's it?" Aphmau asked.

"Not exactly." Zane's face showed a smile as he fidgeted with the end of his skirt.

~ Zane's hands grasped at the back of Travis' hoodie. He was seated on top of the truck to Travis' car as he let Travis' tongue explore the inside of his mouth. Zane legs wrapped around Travis' waist.~

"Oh my." Aphmau said.

"I know, right?" Zane replied.

"Zane, there you are." Vylad approached the two.

"Vylad!" Zane exclaimed. He almost smothered his younger brother in his arms.

"I feel like I haven't seen you forever." Zane said.

"We saw each other two weeks ago." Vylad chuckled.

"That's too long. I miss my brothers." Zane whined.

"We missed you too." Garroth's voice was heard as two arms surrounded Zane and Vylad.

"I want a hug too." Aphmau climbed on Garroth's back to hug all three brothers at the same time.

The hug was sweet and shortlived. Laurence went up to the four as they parted.

"Zane, your pig bit me." He whimpered. Zane burst out laughing.

"She has never bitten anyone before. She must really not like you!"

"Alright, alright. Laurence, stop being a cry baby." Lucinda joked. She walked up to the rest with a red cup in her hand. Obviously filled with some kind of alcohol. Zane looked at the cup and decided he wanted some too. He walked to the counter with the bottles of alcohol. There stood Travis with two cups in his hands.

"I had a feeling you'd come over here." Travis said, handing a cup to Zane. Zane smiled and accepted the cup, taking a sip right after.

"Those your brothers over there?" Travis asked.

"Yeah." Zane answered, taking another sip.

Travis found it interesting that none of them looked the same. All had different hair colors and Zane was the only one with freckles. The one with green eyes seemed eve more different considering both Zane and...the other one had blue eyes.

There was music blasting through the speakers next thing he knows. Travis looks over to the speakers and sees Gene connecting his phone to the speakers.

"Hey." Zane said, his voice just barely heard above the music.

"Yeah?" Travis replied.

"Do you..." Zane's voice was drowned by the music.

"What?" Travis leaned in ab it so he could hear Zane better.

"Do you, uhm." Zane found it hard to say again. His face flushed red and he couldn't make eye contact with Travis.

"Zane, do you want to be my boyfriend?" Travis took the words right out of Zane's mouth.

"I know, I should have asked you before I made out with you." He chuckled.

Zane's hard pounded loudly in his chest. He found the courage to look into Travis' eyes and smiled brightly.

"Yeah. I would love to be your boyfriend!" Zane was smiling like a child on Christmas day. And soon, Travis was smiling just as brightly.

Zane glanced at the house almost filled with people and his eyes stopped at a couple making out (Laurence and Gene).

"Is this really what people do at parties?" He laughed. Travis laughed with him and nodded.

"Hell yeah. You know what else they do?" Travis asked with a smirk.


"They get fucked up."

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