❁*Special Chapter*❁

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A/N: I know I said no more updates this week....but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TickTocky101 


Soft and pale hands gripped the tatted skin of buff arms. The smaller male whined as he shuddered from the pleasure of his neck and collar bone being marked.

"Babe, I haven't even done anything yet." Travis chuckled. Zane glared at the other.

"Tell that to the fifty fuckin' hickeys, asshole." Zane said sharply. 

"Oh, come on. There are only five. Wait, there are seven actually." He smirked and bit at Zane's neck before caressing the bite mark with his tongue. Zane cried out in arousal. Travis really knows how to get the other in the right kind of mood.

Zane hopelessly rocked his hips into Travis', but to his dismay, Travis moved away.

Oh god, he's doing it again. Travis' eyes roamed Zane's figure for the third time tonight. It's like every time Travis looks at Zane, he wats to completely devour him. And to be honest, Zane would let him. Any time he wanted to, in fact. 

Travis bent down to once again relish in the sweet and savory taste of Zane's skin. The only thing on his mind right now is how he is going to completely ravish the man under him. And Zane was ready for whatever Travis wants to do to him.

Strong hands skimmed across the surface of Zane's thighs and under his short black skirt. Zane almost started trembling in excitement. Instead, he buried his fingers in Travis' godly hair. The taller toyed with the end of the lace underwear before teasing the extremely noticeable erection behind the lace barrier. 

Complaints were in the form of whines. Whines that begged 'please just touch me properly'.


A/N: This chapter is not canon to the storyline, tis my present to TickTocky101 for asking me to update on their birthday. I did not update the next chapter to the storyline because it is simply not ready. So I hope this special chapter sufices~

(Also, there is a REALLY good chance I will be continuing this chapter in my smut book)

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