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You: Why didn't you tell me

Gardening tool: I'm sorry

You: You lied to me

Gardening tool: Y/n, I really am sorry

You: Was it that hard to just tell me earlier?

Gardening tool: Look, Y/n. I didnt want to tell you because I didnt know how you would react. Dont you understand?

You: No I don't. Why didnt you tell me

Gardening tool: because

You: that doesn't answer my question

Gardening tool: throwing insults won't answer it either

You: You know what? Forget I ever asked

Gardening tool: Why are you getting so pissed about me beating you in uno? Have you ever thought about how I feel for once?

You: I said forget it

Gardening tool: I know what you said, I can read

You: then stop texting me

Gardening tool: Y/n, I'm sorry I beat you okay?

You: ...yeah okay

Gardening tool: Let's just forget it

You: But I need to make one thing clear

Gardening tool: and what is that

You: Don't EVER lie to me again

Gardening tool: I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you i had uno. My mistake. Grow up

You: You aren't all sunshine and rainbows like they say you are

Gardening tool: I usually am, but not when I'm pissed.

You: Oh so now I'm the bad guy.

Gardening tool: I didnt say that

You: Bye Hoseok.

Gardening tool: Wait Y/n
*Message unable to send*

Gardening tool: Did you block me?
*Message unable to send*

Gardening tool: Frick you too then
*Message unable to send*

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