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A/n: Long time no see!!! I know it has been a while since I have last made a chapter, but here I am!!! I'm back and I'm going to write a new chapter! Hope you enjoy!!💜💜

Y/n's POV:

I can't stress enough about all the pressure Jimin is putting on me.

'Isn't it obvious that I have made a choice? Why does he keep forcing me to "think about it"?'

I sighed, very irritated.

In all honesty, this crap was very tiring. All I wanted was some peace and quiet in my life and perhaps a future with Hoseok without any interruptions.

But no, your girl can't even have that.

I groan and throw my face into my pillow, hoping to fall asleep soon.

After all the hard partying, I had asked Hoseok to take me back home.


I was climbing out of his expensive car, just wanting to sleep when I heard his door close.

I glance over to see him smiling and walking over to me.

Grinning sheepishly and rubbing the back of his neck, he seemed nervous.


"So...um...Y/n. I-I just wanted to um, ask you if I could..."

He was fidgeting with his long, veiny fingers.

I smiled, already knowing what he was going to ask.

"Can I have a kiss...?"

I laughed.

"Of course you big baby."

He grinned and pulled me in, placing his soft lips onto my own.

He had his hands on my waist and I had mine wrapped around his neck.

Before it became too heated, I pulled away.

"Good night!" I smiled.

"Night beautiful."

*End of flashback*

After one last quick peck from him, I unlocked my door and wondered to my room.

Finally arriving, I threw myself onto my bed, wanting to just fall into dream land.

But before that could happen, I received a text.

Annoying butthole😡: Make your choice yet?

Me: Are you seriously asking me that right now?! Just so I can get it through your thick skull, I have ZERO intrest in you! Or have you forgotten that you accused me as soon as we met?

I growled.

That kid is so agitating.

Annoying butthole😡: that was in the past! Or have you forgotten that I apologized?

Me: jerk. I'm blocking you.

I'm not actually going to block him, I just want him to shut up.

Annoying butthole😡: petty child

And with that, I fell asleep extremely frustrated.

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