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Y/n's POV:

"Are you sure this is gonna work? I might mess up and slip on something that reveals me or I might-"

"Jesus Y/n, just shut up already. You said that like 3 seconds ago, and we haven't even left!" Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I sighed.

"Its not my fault if I want everything to go okay! I'm worried..." I looked down.

Sensing my sudden mood change, he took his hand in mine.

"Y/n, everything is going to be okay. You don't have to worry about Jimin. He might be a little passive aggressive when he speaks to either of you two, but he won't ruin this for you both. He knows his limits."

I rolled my eyes.

"If he knows his limits, why is he making me choose between him and Hoseok?"

Namjoon sighed.

"Now that is a question I cant answer, but I'm sure you'll make the right choice. Now go get ready!!"

I just shook my head and searched my closet for a reasonable outfit.

"Is this a formal event?" I shouted out to him.

"Yes!" He yelled back.

I rolled my eyes.

'But I don't wanna put on a stupid dress!'

Grabbing the first dress I saw, I threw it on and walked out.

"How's this?"

It was a mid-lengthed, lacy lavender dress with sequins fading from a darker shade of lavender mid-skirt to a white at the bottom. The dress puffed out a little at the bottom and had on strap across my shoulder to hold it up.

Namjoon turned around to examine my dress, but ended up staring at me.

I laughed.

"Careful there, you might end up falling for me too."

He laughed as well.

"You never know."

I panicked a little on the inside but shook it off.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say then."

He just smiled and told me to finish up. I walked back into my room to grab my makeup bag and a pair of heels and flats.

The flats are for me when I want to chop off my feet after all the pain the heels will put me through.

Slipping on the heels, I want into the bathroom to apply LIGHT makeup. As someone who typically doesn't like makeup, I have enough self honesty to know when I need it.

I apply a light shade grey on my eyelids and some mascara onto my lashes. To finish off the look, I add a light pink lip gloss to my lips and smack them together to even it out.

"Annnnnnd, done!"

I admire my work in the mirror and give myself a little pat on the back for not fucking it up.

I "walk" (more like stumble) out of the bathroom to search for Namjoon.

"Joonie! I'm done!"

He walked out of the living room.

"No need to yell, I'm not deaf!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever let's just go."

He smirked and nodded.

"You can just nod or say okay. What's with the smirk?"

He laughed.

"I may just have to steal you for myself."

I sighed, once again panicked.

"Just shut your mouth and come on."

He chuckled.

As I walk out the door, i can't help but think,

'What if I'm wrong to choose Hoseok?'

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