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Hoseok's POV:

"Wait, what?" She looked completely shocked.

"I asked if you could please leave." Namjoon repeated.

She looked at me, trying to convince me to go against what Namjoon said, but all I could do was look away from her beautiful face.

The room was silent for a few minutes, finally being broken by the sounds of her sobs.

She collapsed to the ground, her hands covering her face.

I bit my lip to keep from running over there and pulling her into my arms. She deserved to be pushed away.

I turned my back to her so that I could not be tempted by her harsh sobs. My nails clawed into my palms, bringing my focus to the pain of that instead of my broken heart.

Someone finally got her to stand up, and started to escort her out of the building and our lives for the last time.

I closed my eyes as she whispered 3 final words that I knew would haunt me forever.

"I love you."

And with that sentence, she was out of our sights.

Instantly, my body crashed to the ground. The sobs that I have been holding back for so long have finally made their way out.

At this point, I was hyperventilating and shaking. Everyone ran over to me and collected me into a hug.

"Shh...Hobi, it's going to be okay I promise." Jin spoke, rubbing my back.

"I..I can't believe she did that!" I cried out.

No one spoke a word. The only person who refused to look at me was Jimin.

That jerk.

I finally collected myself and stood up, shocking most of them.

"Jimin." I growled.

He swallowed hard and lost all color in his face. "Y-yeah?"

"I hate you. So freaking much." My voice cracked and he bit his lip.

More tears made their way down my already soaked face as his own threatened to show themselves.

"We were once friends, even family. Now," I took a deep breath.

"I can't even bring myself to even speak to you again." I walked out of the room, leaving everyone staring after me and Jimin starting his own sobbing fest.

In order to keep my mental stability and not become completely depressed, I came up with one last decision.

I'm going to quit BTS.

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