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My hope💓: Hey, I want to thank you for yesterday. Not just the walking part. I'm so happy that we got together and cleared everything up.

You: It was no problem! I also had a lot of fun :)

You: I'm glad that one problem is solved

My hope💓: One?

You: yeah...

My hope💓: what's the other one? Maybe I can help?

You: yeah maybe. It's Jimin. I'm still convinced that he doesn't like me.

My hope💓: No he does. We already talked about it in the gc after you left it :(

You: don't blame me for leaving

My hope💓: I would never. He said that what he had told you was rude and uncalled for

You: darn right it was

My hope💓: he wants to apologize

You: I blocked him

My hope💓: well dang

My hope💓: unblock him?

You: not in a million years

My hope💓: what if he apologizes in person?

You: ....maybe

My hope💓: I'll talk to him

You: please don't make him apologize out of you forcing him. I want it to be sincere and true

My hope💓: I'll see what I can do🙃

You: somehow that doesn't reassure me one bit...

Hoseok's POV:

Me: You better apologize to Y/n.

Short stack🥞: I will just give me some time to come up with a sincere one

Me: A sincere apology doesn't need rehearsal

Short stack🥞: I'm not rehearsing it

Me: An apology doesn't need a script either.

Me: It comes from the heart

Short stack🥞: okay okay I'll text her

Me: You're stupid

Short stack🥞: wow rude

Me: She blocked you, idiot

Short stack🥞: oh shoot you're right

Me: Language

Short stack🥞: But you just-

Me: I what?

Short stack🥞: never mind. Can j use your phone so that I can make plans to meet up with her?

Me: Sure. Get your tiny butt over here

Short stack🥞: the famous Jibooty is NOT tiny

Me: NOW.

Short stack🥞: on my way sir

Me: Good.

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