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Y/n's POV:

"You want me to what?!"

Yoongi sighed.

"Okay so maybe that isn't a good idea..."

"Ya think?"

I gave him a look. Who in their right minds would want somebody to break up with their partner ON THEIR BIRTHDAY?

He glared at me.

"Hey at least I'm trying! I don't see you coming up with ideas here."

"That's because you said you had a plan!!"

I threw my hands up into the air, exasperated.

He held up his hands defensively.

"Okay chill I'm sorry! How about we all pretend that we forgot it was his birthday and then later surprise him?"

I laughed.

"Much better."

He laughed as well, the sound of our chuckles filling the room.

"Wait, don't you guys have practice today? What are you still doing here?"

He looked at me, confused.

"We have a day off today. Didn't Hoseok tell you?"


There it was.

The betrayal and the hurt, flashing all at once.

"I-...no. He told me that you guys had practice today."

Yoongi looked surprised.

"Are you kidding?"

Tears filled my eyes, but I held them back.

"Why would I joke about something like that?"

Seeing my eyes tear up, he pulled me into an embrace.

"I'm sure he has a reason. I'll talk to him."

"Okay...thank you."

After giving me one last apologetic smile, he left. And now, there's only one thing left to do.

Text Hoseok.

Me: you better have a good reason for lying to me

Squishy👶: who told you?

Me: does it matter? You LIED to me. Why?

Squishy👶: Y/n....

Me: go on

Squishy👶: I can't tell you but I SWEAR ON YOONGI that I'm not cheating!!!

Me: k

Squishy👶: don't hit me with that k

Me: don't lie to me

Squishy👶: please Y/n! I'm sorry...

Me: k

Squishy👶: you know what? See you later. I'm not dealing with this right now.

Me: k

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