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You: Hello my friends

My hope: you have friends??? Where???

You: You can frick off because if I remember correctly, you were triggered at the fact that I called Kook my bestfriend so shut up

Joonie: ...

Jinnie: she got you there

  Kook: how come she got away with "cussing"???

Jinnie: cus I like her more than you, so go to your room for nap time

Kook: I-

Kook: Since when did I have  nap time

Jinnie: since now, bye

Kook: I don't want to

Sweg boi: I volunteer in Kook's

Jinnie: No

Kook: There is no way in h e c k that  I'm going to nap

Jinnie: then get your crack head self over here

Kook: on second thought, I'm soooo tired, nighty night!!!

You: Um okay

Tae: Lemme join you

Chim: The heck? no

Tae: and why not

Chim: because that weird

Tae: you're just jealous

Chim: I AM NOT

Tae: mhmmmmm

Kook: None of you imbeciles are taking a nap with me

Tae: 😑

Chim: I didn't want to anyways

Jinnie: where did I go wrong raising you three

My hope: good question

Jinnie: I blam Namjoon


Jinnie: cus I said so

Joonie: 😑

Tae: has anyone seen Y/n today

Chim: no why

Tae: Cause she looks FiNe

Chim: ...

My hope: back tf off bro

Tae: heck no



Chim: why would you guys want Y/n

Tae: why not

Chim: she might lead you on...

My hope: what is wrong with you

Tae: she would never do that

Chim: well she might

Chim: I don't trust her

My hope: wow, Jimin.

Chim: what?

You: ...

Chim: Shoot

You: bye

*Y/n has left the chat*

Kook: Really Jimin

My hope: I hate you so much

Jinnie: wow Jimin

Joonie: I'm disappointed

Sweg boi: Even I'm disappointed

Chim: Dang it im sorry

My hope: I dont want to hear your crap

Jinnie: Hobi, calm down

My hope: I hate you all

*My hope has left the chat*

Jinnie: Dang it Jimin

Chim: I'm sorry!!!

Kook: Don't talk to me until you have apologized

*Kook has left the chat*

Chim: what have he have to do with

Joonie: Jimin, stop it right now

Chim: Shut up

*Chim has left the chat*

Jinnie: Someone is gonna get their butt beat

Joonie: Jin Hyung

Jinnie: sorry


Chim: Y/n..... I'm so sorry


My hope: We have to talk

My hope: in person


Tae: can I talk to you soon

Tae: but not over text

Tae: Like in person

Tae: it's important

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