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Hey guys this is my first time writing poems...

So give it a try and share your feedback...


I waited, for hours,
The whole day passed away,
I thought you'll text and say,
That you are sorry to me,
That you also remembered
The date of today,
That you remembered,
That it is special for you and me

Hours, days, weeks, months and finally passed the years...
And the ties became stronger ...
We came closer.
I thought we will last longer,
Unlike others,
I thought we were stronger,
Unlike others,
I thought were different,
Unlike others.
But I forgot,
These are mere thoughts,
I can't tie the broken knots,
It is not just me
It is you too,
It takes two to tango.

We are known strangers now,
Strangers who were once
More than known ones.
Strangers who know each other
From the highest to the lowest, from the obvious to the rare.

No, we weren't friends,
But weren't couples either, 
No, we weren't enemies,
But we weren't even stranger.
We were something,
We were about to be something,
But, it broke, we broke, the ties broke,
Before we could name it.

Now we are nothing,
But still, there is something in this nothingness,
Those untold feelings,
Unshared emotions,
Unwrapped secrets,
Neither you said,
Nor I tried.
They again got buried deep.
Which ought to be told,
But maybe
now will always stay untold.

~~Tanisha Payal

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