Chapter 14: It's time for a history lesson

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Third-Person PoV: The Library

Hermione speed-walked along the isles, her eyes skimming across the titles till she found a book on all the Wizarding societies across the world. She carefully took it up from the shelf and added it to the growing pile of books that she was carrying in her hands, she adjusted them in her arms again before she turned around and headed back to where she had left her bag, there weren't many people in the library, surprisingly not that many had a free period for second period so she had all the time to think and read, Harry and Ron had decided to spend the free time in the Common Room claiming that they were going to do some homework but Hermione doubted that.

She set her small pile of books onto the table and sat down in the chair she moved the chair closer to the table and opened the first book on the table. Sometimes Hermione forgot how many large Wizarding schools there were across the globe, there were eight more known Wizarding schools. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Castelobruxo, Durmstrang Institute, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Koldovstoretz, Mahoutokoro School of Magic, and Uagadou School of Magic. Each wizarding school had its own restrictions on how far a distance student had to be accepted, most of these schools were located in Europe. There were also specialized schools too, like for broom flying or charms. Some schools like Castelobruxo offered exchanges and penfriends with the European wizarding scho-

"Excuse me." A soft voice sounded next to her, startling Hermione out of her reading, she placed a bookmark and glanced up at the blonde girl, her hair fell in loose waves and shone with a pearly brilliance, she had cold dark eyes and she quickly noted the Slytherin uniform that she was wearing, behind her stood Pansy who seemed quite bored.

"Uhhh yes?" The Gryffindor Prefect was confused, why was a Slytherin talking to her.

"Are you going to be reading the book right there?" Daphne Greengrass pointed to the book that was in the middle of her pile. It was a book that she had been able to sneak out of the Restricted section, it was about Wizarding families that possessed certain powers within their bloodlines, she had been curious about when Will had revealed he was a Parseltongue and wondered if the rest of the Royal family had any specific powers that were in their blood.

"Well not at the moment but I will later..."

"When will this later be? If it's not for a while then I would like to read it meanwhile." Hermione frowned at Daphne.

"I just said that I was going to read it, you'll have to wait like the rest of us do. Not everything in life is served to us on a silver platter you know." She bit out the last part and was about to reopen the book she was reading when the blonde placed a hand on the table, her dark eyes pressing into her brown ones. Pansy's lips were pressed together.

"So just because our parents are loaded we get everything we ask for?" Pansy's voice was almost mocking.

"Sure as hell seems that way, if there's something you're all not happy about in the school you have the School Governor's and even people high up in the Ministry on your side."

"Just because we seem that way on the outside doesn't mean it is behind closed doors." Daphne hissed at her, her eyes hardened. "Why do you assume that we have everything served to us on a platter Granger? As far as I know, we've never talked up until now."

"It's all you've ever done since First Year-"

"Who? Me or other Slytherin's?" Daphne interrupted.

"Are you just basing your stereotype of the Slytherin House from the way me, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle treated you and your glorified band of Musketeers?" Pansy snorted and let out her iconic high-pitched giggle, her face suddenly not looking as pretty as Hermione had thought in the History of Magic classroom. She scrambled for a response.

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