Chapter 10: Chinese Whispers just got intense

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Third-Person PoV:

They all took in the heavyweight of Jason's words, it was true, this 'quest' will prove to be a lot harder if pretty much 90% of the wixen in Britain refused to believe in the rise of their enemy, and when Voldemort actually decided to show his face they would most definitely ask them for help, help which they already rejected. But then again, it wasn't like the Order were an actual government group, but if they were to reject Britain's request to aid them in their war then all alliances would be cut, and Hecate would be pissed, and no demigod wanted to be at the receiving end of an angry Goddess.

"Let's talk more on that stuff later, who knows who might be listening." Annabeth bit into some of her roast potatoes, the others following. The demigods were spaced out between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, some of them at the red and gold table sitting near the Golden Trio, most likely to listen in on their conversations.

"I think the first thing we should do to help is help Harry control his temper," Connor mumbled underneath his breath, barely moving his lips but ensuring that it was loud enough for those who needed to hear him. Jason nodded along with Katie, Will tapped his fingers along the table as he bit into a sandwich.

"He gets defensive and riled up when someone questions whether he was truthful, Thalia said she had to storm up to their room last night cause she could hear him arguing with Seamus about what happened in the Third Task." Pollux sipped into his goblet of grape juice. "The only question is how we can do that without offending him. I know that when someone thinks you're lying it's the most frustrating feeling in the world." He grumbled, they all nodded at least having been in a situation like that once.

"How about some sort of therapy or doing some well-being?" Rachel suggested, doodling in the small notebook that she had placed on the table, ink starting to smudge on her fingers. Will seemed to brighten at the idea, a thoughtful look crossed his face.

"That might help a bit, it could help him get rid of stress and built-up frustration as well as reduce the likelihood of him exploding at others..." Will trailed off with a glint of intrigue in his eyes, a hand stroking his chin and his other hand tapped at the table.

"That's a good start, I think that's definitely at the top of priorities, there's something else but it would be best to discuss it later." Percy nodded his head and rested his head in his left hand, a glimmer of it caught Reyna's attention.

"Wearing your ring today?" She raised an eyebrow at him, Percy blushed and bashfully rubbed the back of his neck.

"Annabeth would kill me if I didn't wear it."

"You bet seaweed brain." A dangerous glimmer shone in her eyes. Clovis snorted awake, he quickly took in his surroundings blearily before rolling his shoulders back and sitting up.

"What did I miss?" He bit into a cake and began pouring some hot chocolate into a mug for himself.

"Nothing much, Harry got detention cause of his anger issues and Percy's an absolute simp." Travis nonchalantly.

"I'm not a simp." Percy hissed back at Travis. Travis cocked an eyebrow at the son of Poseidon he glanced down at his ring then back up at his face the gave him an 'are-you-for-real' facial expression. Percy mumbled some incoherent words at the other demigod and turned back to the pizza he had on his plate.

The other demigods chuckled at the two which only seemed to catch the attention of the other students on the Hufflepuff table, a loud gasp was suddenly heard which promptly hushed the influx of voices in the Great Hall, even catching the attention of the Professors. It was a young Hufflepuff student, possibly in her second or third year she was standing up and gazing in shock at Annabeth's hand which was still raised.

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