Chapter 19: The Slytherin Angst Sesh

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Third-Person PoV: The Slytherin Common Room

Lou Ellen settled into her spot in the room, they had decided to space themselves out in the room in case they missed anything important, it didn't necessarily have to be spoken to be important it could be a gesture, a look, or a noise that would aid in giving them a clearer view of how and where the Slytherin House as a whole stands in terms of Politics and the upcoming/possible war and how the demigods can use it to their advantage.

Her body was tired, she had forgotten to go to bed as she was too immersed in an experiment of hers, it focused on the difference between Potions within the Wizarding World and Potions within the Greek World. There were some similarities but of course, at Camp, they had access to ingredients that Wizards have presumed to have died out or never heard of before, so she would dare say that there's a more raw quality to the Potions she makes at home, at least hers tasted nice. Lou Ellen absently rubbed at her wrist, trying to get rid of the feeling of Connor's tight grip on her wrist, she sucked in a deep breath and then gently let it loose. The last thing she needed was to have a panic attack from the War last year while on a mission. Looks like she was in for another night of meagre sleep.

The last few Slytherin's marched into the room, it was the most crowded that Lou had ever seen since the demigods stay here, she spied Draco, Blaise and Pansy sat on a couch together, Blaise has one arm wound around Draco's shoulder, said boy had his arms crossed with his lips thinned and grey eyes sharp with intensity, his other arm resting on the arm of the couch. Pansy lounged on the other side of Draco, her legs crossed with her hands resting in her lap.

"Is everyone here?" Xander Lofthouse slowly walked to the centre of the common room, he took his time and twirled around, waiting for any of his housemates to respond. He was only met with silence, he stilled and straightened his back again. "Very well then, now that we are all here we can start our House Meeting." Xander raised his wand and pointed it towards a table near the fireplace, he seemed to mutter a spell underneath his breath and a stack of papers zoomed towards him, 'Accio' Lou thought to herself. Xander cleared his throat, his wand was slipped back into a pocket of his trousers and he began a slow deliberate pace in the space that he had. "Like you, all know the Dark Lord arose in the Third Task of the Triwizard games last year. Many students at Hogwarts and the Wizarding World refused to believe Dumbledore and Potter at the end of the last academic year and still refuse despite the spike in dark wizard activity. We all know this as some of our parents are in.... affiliation with the Dark Lord or the Dark Lord has sent word to some of us that he wishes to recruit us for his cause once we've finished our education." Lou Ellen felt her eyebrows rise, now that was new, she quickly jotted it down onto the small notebook that she carried.

Another student stepped up, her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail, "The Dark Lord continues to gather power while the rest of the world and the Ministry continue to live in their disbelief and ignorance before we move onto the topics we wish to discuss with you all tonight I'm sure that you have all read the letter that we have distributed to everyone over the last few days?" She stopped talking to allow them to nod in agreement. "Then I'll assume that you all know the curse we placed on said letter what will happen if you discuss what we talk about here with anyone outside the common room correct?" Ella Wilkins' eyes glinted with a devious sneer, the Slytherin students nodded again. "Good, good. I encourage you all to speak your mind, this is a House discussion, after all, we want to know what you all think about our current situation and what would be the best way to deal with it while representing our House as well as we can." Ella stepped back giving the floor to Xander again.

"Thank you, Wilkins, to start I want to know what you all think about what the Dark Lord's motive is. Do you agree?"

"You mean having a prejudice against muggles? Or going through with the prejudice to actually start a genocide?" Astoria Greengrass asked. Xander shrugged and gestured for her to continue, "Prejudices generally aren't good, they can often hinder progress if you allow it to control you, the Dark Lord has allowed his prejudice to control him, sure his prejudice has allowed him to progress his knowledge and power in the Dark Arts but killing people because of something they have no control over? It's ridiculous." Her dark hair bounced on her shoulders as she shook her head. "Muggles like any human are afraid of the unknown if we make ourselves known to them with the clear intention to kill them all I see is an all-out war where it very well may destroy the Wizarding World. They outnumber us, it won't take long for them to overwhelm us despite our magic." Murmurs arose in the room, a few frowns graced a few students' faces.

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