chapter 21: Don't be suspicious

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Third-Person PoV:

Hermione flicked through another book on the rights of Magical Creatures within the Wizarding World. Her lips pursed as she went over a section explaining how the British Ministry of Magic classified magical creatures. Honestly, the rights that magical creatures had in the Wizarding World were worse than animal rights in the Muggle World, she could barely even call these rights.

The Gryffindor was planning on meeting Draco and Daphne in the library to discuss more Pureblood society and magical creatures. In the past, the girl was more focused on the rights of House-Elves, probably because their mistreatment was more apparent than most creatures, she should have been able to connect the dots and realize that perhaps many other magical creatures are probably abused. Truth be told the brunette was surprised that the Wyverns even had a large claim over dragons, in the short time she was at their house with the Order it came to light that dragons possibly didn't need to be placed in the XXXXX classification, sure they could potentially be domesticated but the Wyverns just let them do their own thing. Maybe if Wizarding Society learned to treat magical creatures with more respect and stopped dehumanizing them it could be-

"Ummm hey, Hermione." Her unruly hair flounced on her shoulders as she raised her head up to look at who said her name, she had been rushing this morning to get some more reading in before she met the two Slytherin's and forgot to do the hair routine that Lavender and Parvati recommended for her.

"Oh hey, Harry. Not going to Hogsmeade today?" Harry nibbled at his lips and shuffled a foot into the ground.

"No, I actually wanted to speak with you if that's alright."

She closed the book that she was reading, placing it in front of her. "Sure go ahead."

The Boy-Who-Lived sat down on a chair in front of her drawing in a deep breath. "I want to apologize for how I've been behaving and how I've treated you. I-it was wrong of me to take my anger out on you and Ron this year and to not take your interests seriously as well, you've tried your best to support me and Ron in Quidditch even when we don't appreciate it and the fact that you hate Quidditch." They both chuckled at that comment. "As friends, we got into too many arguments and frequently, it would have been better to take some time to cool down and discuss the problem when none of us were angry." Silence settled between them, Harry fidgeted on the chair as he felt Hermione's gaze piercing through him.

"I accept your apology, Harry, I would like to try being friends again, in a more healthy way, it'll take some time but I'm willing to work for our friendship. Although... I owe you an apology too-"

"What?! No, you don't! I was in the wrong Hermione, you did nothing wrong!"

Hermione shushed him as she frantically looked around for Madam Pince.

"That doesn't matter at all Harry, I was still in the wrong too, I always acted like I knew better and treated you and Ronald like you were stupid which neither of you is, just because you aren't s smart academically or smart in the way I am it doesn't necessarily mean you're dumb, just smart in other areas. I should have asked you and Ronald about some of the decisions that I made before I went through with them, that's how most of our arguments occurred in the first place."

Neither spoke for a while, their eyes locked and a tiny smile crept upon their lips. A heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders, the constant ebbing of their fractured friendship no longer festered in the back of their mind.

"-she's been feeling quite restless lately and we are unsure of how we can assist her." Draco rounded the corner with Daphne pursing her lips beside him.

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