Chapter 12: Charmtastic!

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Third-Person PoV:

Piper clutched onto Jason's arm as they trailed after some of the Gryffindor's that were in their room. The Gryffindor's and the Ravenclaw's had Charms together that morning, a double period, not what Piper would've liked first thing in the morning but when learning Charms it didn't sound like it would be a bad lesson. Besides, Jason had said that Professor Flitwick was a fun person so she guessed that his lessons would be just as fun.

"You better not pull any pranks in Charms Connor." Thalia eyed the son of Hermes who smiled back at her innocently.

"I would never try to stain the image of our family Thalia. I can't believe that you have such little faith in me, after all these years." He leaned onto Clovis's shoulder who nearly toppled over if it hadn't been for Frank standing next to him who steadied his movement. Thalia scowled at him with her arms folded.

"I might need to remind you that I was absent for six years as a tree." Connor snorted while Frank did a double-take at her statement before he could ask Hermione materialized from behind them.

"Excuse me, I didn't mean to overhear-" Connor held in another snort while Thalia muttered a 'Yeah right' underneath her breath, Harry glared at her but quickly stopped when she met him with one of her own, Hermione continued like nothing happened "but you said that you were a tree for six years. How is that possible?" Thalia winced and bit her lip. Connor smirked at her and opened his mouth to respond to Hermione's question.

"Connor." Thalia's eyes seemed to flash with lightning, thunder boomed outside making Ron jump in surprise and bump into a Slytherin student in the hallway, the boy sneered at him and walked away. Connor's smile dropped and he nodded his head in understanding.

Thalia turned back to look at Hermione, a hard look in her eyes. "I would greatly appreciate it if you could continue to not mean to overhear, I do believe that it's incredibly rude to eavesdrop on others' conversations wouldn't you agree?"

"S-sorry, I just-" Thalia held up a hand to stop her stuttered apology.

"I shall not be telling you how or why I was a tree for six years, if I find out that any of you attempt to dig into the case there will be consequences." Her eyes flashed again, lightning seemed to dance dangerously in her irises, she huffed and stalked into the Charms classroom, taking a seat next to Cedella. The rest of the demigods followed her, giving small nods to the trio who stared after Thalia.

"So I guess that's the end of that then?" Ron cocked an eyebrow at Hermione, who seemed to have come back to her senses and whirled around to fix Ron with her stare.

"Of course not! We'll just have to be careful. I don't want to find out what sort of consequences there would be." They all shivered at the thought and walked into the classroom, they took three seats the row in front of where the demigods were sitting, hoping to catch anything that might prove to be significant in their 'investigation' of them.

"What's got you storming mad?" Cedella asked Thalia.

"I hate it when people start digging about in stuff of my...past."

"I understand, who doesn't hate nosy people?" Harry could practically feel her smirking at them from the back of his head.

"So is Professor Flitwick a good teacher?" Frank steered away from the previous conversation.

"One of the best in my opinion. Well, I think most students would agree too, his teaching methods don't put you asleep like Professor Binns does, it's quite fun and he has a great sense of humour. I'd say he has the perfect balance between being fun and strict. So it shouldn't be too much trouble for you all to listen to."

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