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Just saying this isn't a chapter, I'm just giving my thoughts on how the two worlds linked together so that it will all make sense in my story. Also, the timing of the Harry Potter series has been shifted soooo they started to attend Hogwarts from 2007.

Alright...So before the Salem Witch trials, the Gods decided to keep themselves separate from the wizards, personally I don't think that Hecate or any other God/Goddess would've gifted the mortals with magic I think that magic came to be from like a sort of side effect when Prometheus (it was him right?) created humans and it just developed by itself. I think that Hecate would've gifted them with the ability to make wands or a further understanding of how their magic works and they continued from there.

After the Salem Witch Trials after some convincing from Hecate(took about 100 years of pestering), they decided to make some small interaction in Wizarding Britain, like Hades contributing towards Gringotts and helping the Goblins in trying to take back their control of the bank (which they did 5 years after they left for America). They started doing little things, like Apollo bettering their potions (alongside Poseidon cause um liquids) and medical care. Athena helping to better their education, pretty much the Gods were sort of having fun in this as it was beneficial towards both parties.

The Gods decided to make themselves out to be a sort of Wizarding Royalty descended all the way back from Ancient Greece where the magic in the family continues to still be strong. They dubbed themselves at the Olympia Family. (Also it made it easier to have like an actual reason as to why they loved Greek culture, their origins).

When they moved to America they gave Hecate permission to essentially take over the basically dead Wizarding Community that's there. Essentially up to about modern-day now America's Wizarding society is still under the God's control, the Olympia family is still seen as Royalty to Wizards, especially in America as they see them sort of like saviors as at the time they were all over the place.

All the high officials (or whatever they are) know that the Gods are immortal, but all they know is that they're immortal wizards since their family moved to Great Britain, they were 'cursed' or something like that. The family 'moved' to America in 1860 as they didn't wish for any wizards to hear of their immortality and endanger the future for their family. Seeing as there were little wizards in America it seemed like the perfect country to stay incognito.

The Royal Family is ruled by three figures also known as the 'Big Three': King Zane (his 'realm' is the sky, a wizard particularly powerful with air, lightning, thunder, and wind spells, also has the ability to talk with birds (I headcanon that children of Zeus/Jupiter can speak to birds)), King Gale (his realm is the sea, a wizard particularly powerful with water, storm and some earth spells, also has the ability to talk with horses and sea creatures) and King Hadrien (his 'realm' is the earth and underground, a wizard powerful in the earth, the dark arts and shadow spells, he is also known to be able to perform necromancy.)

The Kingdom is mostly split between 12 overall ruling figures, due to the 'traceable' lineage being dated back to Ancient Greek the family has continued to have a rich culture in Greek and follow many of the Greek beliefs such as 'praising the Gods'. Many aspects of the family rule are alike to how the Greek Gods did.

The other rulers are Royal Duchess Olivia (Athena), Royal Duke Sol (Apollo), Royal Duchess Diana (Artemis), Royal Duchess Astrid (Aphrodite), Royal Duchess Terra (Demeter), Royal Duchess Juno is also known as Queen Juno (Hera), Royal Duke Duncan (Ares), Royal Duchess Adara (Hestia), Royal Duke Ignatius (Hephateus) , Royal Duke Bacchus (Dionysus) and Royal Duke Noah (Hemes).

The Royal Dukes and Duchesses also specialize in certain areas of magic like the Big Three. There are also many Duke's and Duchesses, while they aren't as powerful as the 12 Rulers they are still more powerful than the average wizard.

Most American Wizard society is governed by High Duchess Hecate who works alongside MAUSCA.

In 2009 King Hadrien was 'officially' able to rule alongside the other 12 ruling figures.

The other facts that the wizards will know are that the Olympia family has expanded over the years and is large. The Gods let the mortals believe that most of their kids are blood-adopted since they're immortal it doesn't bother them to have loads of kids. Also that the family moves from different countries a lot is due to the fact that they're hunted by a large variety of 'mysterious and powerful wizarding creatures', these creatures are hard to kill. So their kids are sent to a special camp (location unknown) to train on how to protect themselves.

Also, the mist is effective on wizards and witches, I think that the Gods power/magic is a more condensed form of magic and that the power that the wizards have is more diluted than the power of a demigod but wizards aren't as restricted as demigods are to certain types of power/magic that they can use (due to like their parent's domains and stuff).

So magic won't be as effective on demigods as it is on wizards due to their Godly blood, but some spells will work on them to an extent. I think that the Imperius Curse wouldn't work that well on demigods, they would also be quite good at Occlumency and Legilimency because of the dreams that they have. Also, Veritaserum wouldn't work that well, demigods have a stronger mind than wizards and mortals/muggles.

In terms of magic, the demigods are better in areas that are within their parent's domains e.g. Percy is particularly good at water spells and some earth spells.

I feel like demigods would be aware that there are wizards but don't really know much about them. But if they were ever to bump into them and are questioned all they are meant to say is that they are part of the Olympia family.

Any children of the Big Three are Princes or Princesses. Children of the Royal Duke's/Duchesses are Marquesses or Marchionesses. Children of any Duke's/Duchesses are Earl's or Countesses.

Anything that I've forgotten will be added in notes in any future chapters if it comes up.

General changes I've made to the story line:

Leo and Calypso come back earlier in the timeline

The Trials of Apollo is non-canon compliment for me, I don't wanna read it, I'll need a year to mentally prepare myself for the trauma Uncle Rick will give me.

The first chapter won't be up for a while, I need to catch up with HP ( I wonder if SparkNotes does a summary) and HoO (Imma brokeass, I need wonga).

Also gonna be OC's in it, like an OC wizarding family, we'll be bawling cause I love money and it be OCxDracoxBlaise cause I secretly wanna be in a threesome and despite having the basic knowledge of HP (I read it all from crossover fanfics) I love Draco and Blaise and want them both to fuck me.

Thank you all and see you soon!!!

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