Chapter 18: It's all coming together now

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Third-Person PoV: The Great Lake, Break:

Lou Ellen let her hands run through the grass near the banks of the lake. She was anxiously waiting for the other demigods to come from their lesson, the Slytherins amongst them hadn't mentioned what Draco, Blaise, and Pansy had told them at breakfast to most of the others. She tugged at the grass strands, feeling some of the magic from the ground humming against her skin, a soft grin melted onto her lips, one thing that Lou Ellen would definitely miss about Hogwarts is the magic that had soaked into the ground for centuries greeting her like an old friend when she beckoned it to. It felt very much unlike the magic she would feel at home at Camp Half-Blood, it was a different kind, younger and more malleable than the old magic of the gods yet not quite as robust, more prone to mishaps, but all the same, it was delightful and seemed to fill her with energy that fizzled in her bones.

"Whatcha thinking 'bout Lou?" Travis strolled over, Annabeth and Rachel chatting a few steps behind the son of Hermes.

"The magic in the environment at Hogwarts is different from the one at home, it makes it feel like my bones are gonna jump right out of my body." She giggled and wriggled around where she was sitting.

"It is," Hazel hummed in agreement, "Nico and I feel as if the ground almost has a conscious of its own in the Castle, like all the magic over the centuries has soaked into the Castle and given it a sentient personality."

"That's pretty cool," Rachel pulled out some grass as she settled down onto the grass.

"I wonder how sentient it is?.... Do you think Hogwarts can... re-arrange itself?" Annabeth asked.

"You mean like make new rooms or new corridors?" Travis questioned.

"We could try this weekend! Run a few tests to see how the castle responds." Lou Ellen clapped her hands together. Ideas and thoughts ran through her head rapidly, and possible tests and experiments that could be conducted- she should write them down. The daughter of Hecate reached inside her bag to pull out a small notebook that she kept for spells, experiments, and tests, she pulled a pen loose from her black locks and pressed it to a clean page. Wait. What was she going to write down again? A scowl built upon her face as she stuffed it back into her bag with a huff.

"Forgot what you were going to write down?" Hazel asked Lou Ellen who reluctantly nodded.

Connor snorted as he sat next to his older brother, "Fucking mood! Who hasn't forgotten something just as it was in their head."

"I couldn't help but notice that the Slytherin's have been on edge since breakfast. Anything our fellow snakes would like to tell us about?" Leo flopped down onto the grassy banks of the Great Lake and gave everyone a bright smile.

"They're going to have a House meeting after dinner, if we weren't used to people organizing secret meetings we would've never guessed." Travis waved a hand sarcastically. He would admit that the Slytherin's were much more subtle than other Houses, most likely due to their upbringing but then again wizards were anything but subtle.

"So are we gonna crash their meeting?" Clarisse started sharpening the head of her spear with her whetting stones, "Or are we gonna spy on them?"

Annabeth snorted, "Of course we are going to spy on them, if we just turned up they would just try and play it off and not even go on with the meeting. Our best bet is that they'll give us more intel on Voldemort and how exactly it affects them."

"Most of Voldemort's wizard allies would be some of the older years, a lot of his Death Eaters are still in Azkaban, I'd say in Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The Wizarding Community does seem to forget that Ravenclaw is the house that produces nearly just as many Dark Wizards as Slytherin, that'll be their downfall if they just keep assuming they're all in Slytherin." Reyna mused.

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