Chapter 7: An invasion of thoughts

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Third-Person PoV: Hogsmeade Station

The red train pulled up to the station letting out a long toot as it chugged to a halt, the smoke billowing out the top receded with the slowing train. The students clad in their black cloaks lined with an assortment of four colours or still plain began to stumble out of the carriages with hungry stomachs and exhaustion in their bones. The last carriage door was opened as Cedella led them out and towards carriages that were being drawn by skeletal horses with dragon-like faces and pupil-less white eyes, bat-like wings rested against their back as they began to lead the carriages towards a castle that stood in the distance. Annabeth gasped, her eyes shining with stars, the group sighed as she once again went on a tangent about the structure of the castle.

My Lord's, My Lady. Hazel was startled out of her thoughts as one of the horses nudged into her side from two carriages that were set apart from the rest. She lifted a hand to stroke its head and glanced up to see Nico and Percy petting another two as well.

"Thestrals," Nico muttered, the thestral titled its head up and gave Nico a lick on the cheek, the son of Hades grimaced as Will chuckled at his expression.

We are my Lord, you know where to find us in the forest to visit. Nico nodded as the demigods began to start climbing into the two carriages and set off after the others.

"I guess I know how Percy feels now." Hazel smiled at the elder boy who playfully rolled his eyes at her as he swung an arm around Annabeth.

"You're telling me, that horse of yours really needs to wash his mouth out." He shook his head as the golden-eyed girl giggled.

"I wonder what houses we'll be in." Piper twirled a strand of her hair, reaching into her pocket to fix another piece of an eagle feather to it.

"I just hope that I win some Galleons," Leo said as he took out a small contraption from his tool belt and started to twiddle with it, reaching into his pockets whenever he required another piece or a new tool.

"I just still can't believe that a hat is going to decide where I end up, isn't that an invasion of my privacy or something?" A hunting knife was being thrown up and down in Thalia's hand as she rested one of her boots on the chair of the carriage.

"We have no choice but to just deal with it, as much as I hate it too, hopefully, it doesn't find out about our parentage." Annabeth stated as they nodded grimly, it would be a shame if their 'quest' failed all because of one tragedy hat. What a demigod way to go out.

The thestrals pulled their carriages up to the castle, a while after the other ones and they were guided into what seemed like an antechamber, in front of a crowd of first years (which Dana was amongst) a familiar stern woman dressed in emerald robes and square glasses rested on her nose. her black hair was tied up into a tight bun and a black classic witch's hat was on her head.

"This is where I leave you guys, happy sorting." Cedella gave them a cheeky smile and a wave of her hand, patting her sister on the top of her head as she walked past, said girl hissed at her and scratched at her arm but the older girl just laughed and disappeared behind the large set of doors.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, I'm Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor and your transfiguration teacher. The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you must be sorted." She allowed her eyes to rest on each of them. "I advise that you use this time to fix your uniform before we are called in. Your Majesties you will be called in after the first years have been sorted." They gave a nod of acknowledgement as some of the first years turned around to gasp at them in awe before turning back to whisper to their new friends as they nervously fixed their already immaculate clothing.

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