Chapter 15: To be or not to be

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Third-Person PoV:

Piper furrowed her eyebrows as she tugged at the stalks of grass that rested in the soil, she was currently on her break helping to plan a wedding seeing as Zeus was a stubborn asshole and all previous plans had to be adapted to their situation. Love truly was a beautiful thing, coming in many shapes and forms and shown in various ways. The combinations of this were endless and that is what made love truly unique to each couple, whether there's two, three, or more.

Piper wished her love-life could be like this. She felt terrible, they've fought in a war together for the Gods sake, she should only feel positive emotions towards them, be glad and grateful that they were a couple of steps closer to their happy ending. To reach that point of peace and no more disturbances that they were finally going to be together forever. Yet here she was, Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty, love, desire, passion, sexuality, pleasure, and fertility was jealous. Yes, she was jealous of Percy and Annabeth because their love came so naturally to them, it was something that she craved for like it's what she should be breathing instead of oxygen. She wondered whether she felt like this because she was a daughter of love or if it was genuine. Either way, she wanted what they had, but she had no idea how.

She nervously glanced up at the couple, who were going over colours with Butch, who knew he was so into colour theory, then again his mother is Iris, well it was more like Annabeth was, Percy was fine with whatever she wanted and he was too busy playing with a strand of her blonde hair while throwing grass at Thalia who threw some back. The girl hoped that they couldn't sense her guilt and her jealousy, what a horrible friend I am, her thoughts crowded her senses and she almost didn't hear Annabeth.

"-do you think this colour will be fine with the dresses Piper?"


Annabeth's forehead creased slightly between her eyes as she fixed Piper with her stormcloud eyes, "We were just talking about what colour the dresses for the bridesmaid should be, are you alright?" Her question seemed to catch the attention of the rest of the group, she suddenly felt like she was being put in a spotlight like she was back with her father, and the cameras were flashing, blinding her sight. Rapid. Overwhelming. Bright.

"I-I'm good, just zoned out for a couple of seconds, what colour did you pick?" Her eyes swirled green as she attempted to cover herself.

"You sure as Hades aren't okay, what's got your hair in knots?" Clarisse grunted, her brown eyes prodded into hers, daring her to try again. Reyna raised an eyebrow at her from where she was sitting between the daughter of War and the daughter of Lightning.

"You wanna talk about it Beauty Queen?" Leo's hand's picked at the orange and black tartan trousers that he wore. The daughter of Aphrodite bit her lips, should she say it? But she didn't want to appear like a bitch, or heartless, she wanted to simply understand and how she could overcome and fix this. But a lot of people that he was close to were there, she was hesitant and terrified to even open her mouth. How could she word it?

"How do you do it?" She turned back to look at Annabeth, the blonde raised an eyebrow, an embarrassed blush coated her cheeks.

"Do what exactly?" Her voice was soft as she prodded the reddened girl on.

She swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat and continued, "Just make it so natural? Like it's second nature. How do you know that your memories of him aren't fake and then yo-you get so confused and scared when he doesn't remember what you remember and then you're terrified that what if what you're feeling for him isn't real as well when you want it to be- how?" Piper didn't realize that she was crying, she hadn't noticed the tears that streaked down her warm face, her irises swirled in a storm of colours in her panic to rush out her speech.

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