Chapter 5: We try some roasted phoenix

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Third-Person PoV: The Wyvern Estate

"It's a pleasure to meet you your Majesties, I am-"

"We know who you are." Hazel cut him off, her gold eyes seemed to flash with danger as she looked them all in the eye, like she was assessing the enemy making them all feel uncomfortable and fidget in their seats. "Who you all are, we would greatly appreciate it if we could leave the introductions and skip straight to the real reason behind this meeting Dumbledore." The Order raised their eyebrows at the level of authority that this 14-year-old had, I mean who does she think she is, he's the greatest wizard of all time!

The rest of the demigods fought to keep the smirks off their faces at how proud they all felt of Hazel at that moment, but Nico didn't even bother to keep the shit-eating grin that he wore across his face, Frank placed a hand on Hazel's shoulder allowing a small smirk to show on his face.

Moody glared and slammed a fist on the table glaring at the young girl. "Do you even know who you were just talking to like that girl? You best show some respect?" He growled at her.

"I do believe that respect is a thing that is earned, and of course, we know who he is Alastor, do you honestly believe that our parents would send us somewhere completely blindfolded?" Thalia let out a humorless laugh as she took out a dagger and twirled it in her hands. "And her name isn't girl, it's Princess Hazel Levesque, and if anything you should be the ones respecting her, Hazel is gifted with...powerful magic." Lightning lit the world up outside as thunder boomed in the sky.

"Well I do believe that Princess Hazel is right Alastor, let's begin this meeting." Dumbledore clapped his hands together.

"The Ministry has tried to shut down the fact that Volde-"

"Has returned? Oh we know, my mother, you know Duchess Hecate, informed us weeks ago. And Miss Wyvern, Mr. Zabini, and Mr. Malfoy debriefed us further of the situation at hand." Lou Ellen interrupted.

"Why would you listen to him!" Harry frowned at them. "He's probably lying to you!" He protested.

"So you're saying that people aren't worthy to listen to just because of their birthright?" Annabeth spoke from behind Percy, an eyebrow raised, Harry blushed in embarrassment and sat back down

"What would you know? If you knew what he and his family did and what he's done then you'd be on our side." Ron glowered at them, Annabeth's jaw was set hard and the grip she had on Percy's chair tightened, Percy reached for her hand and grasped it in his own and gave it a kiss effectively calming her down.

"We know what they've done. He's admitted to his mistakes, he's taken ownership of them and acknowledged the fact that what he's done was wrong, if he's willing to do that and work towards being a better person then I don't see why. His actions are already starting to speak larger than his apologies. He's never done anything to us, so please leave us out of your petty rivalry." Katie replied. Draco gave her a tense smile in thanks.

"And what we know? Don't get me started. There's already too much drama in our family to begin with." Nico let out a barren laugh.

"Are you saying that she shouldn't have had another chance when she realised that her belief wasn't the right way in the end just because she was manipulated onto the wrong side just to make sure the love of her life survived?" Clarisse bit out.

"That we didn't deserve a second chance just because we thought that our cause would get our parents the respect that they deserve and that we would actually be noticed?" Lou Ellen asked.

"That he didn't deserve any more chances regardless of the number of times that he tried to kill me when he finally decided to do the right thing in the end?" Percy questioned.

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