Chapter 2: We journey to the land of tea drinkers

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Third-Person PoV: Camp Half-blood

Leo stared mindlessly at the flashcards that were in his hands, it had been a week since Hecate had briefed them of the initial details of the request and visited them in their dreams to bestow the required knowledge unto them. Jason, Reyna, Hazel, and Frank had arrived the day after with Thalia arriving with the hunters on that very weekend. Once they were together they spent a day playing around with their newfound wands and testing out spells.

After that, there came the fun moments of learning how wizarding royalty was supposed to act, what everyone needed to know, and all the other boring stuff. If you ever wanted to know how to torture an ADHD just force them to listen to you drone on and on about history, important figures, and politics for hours and hours and they'll end up begging you to kill them.

There was even more pressure on the newly appointed princes and princesses, they were expected to know all of the new information by heart, Percy nearly cried with happiness when Annabeth made all of the demigod's flashcards of everything that Hecate was teaching them.

Leo flicked over to the next side of the card as he went over the more current important wizarding families, most of them being pureblood such as the Malfoy's, Potter's and like a gazillion more, which quite frankly Leo found stupid to judge someone based upon their blood type, as his time as a demigod he had learned that someone's godly parent didn't define them to what they could do, Piper was a prime example.

"Is any of it sticking in your head yet?" Calypso spoke from behind the son of Hephaestus, he gave a startled squeak and recollected himself.

"Meh, if I go over it enough times then it'll end up being stuck in my head hopefully, from the sounds of it Hecate has high hopes of us not blowing the whole operation up in our faces. But with us being demigods I doubt it won't go wrong eventually." Leo sourly thought a frown etched onto his elfish features. "Anywho, how have you been sunshine?" He grinned at her as she sat down on the grass beside him.

"I've been ok, I'm quite upset that you'll be leaving next week though." She twirled her hair between her fingers gazing down at the ground. Leo frowned, he understood her distraught though, he nearly backed out of the 'quest' (they all preferred to call it that despite how much they hated the sound of it) when he learned that she couldn't come with them. However, a few of the head counselors had backed out as well, but they did say that if needed they'd be happy to go to England when needed. Unfortunately, that didn't leave them out of the studying sessions that Hecate had dragged them all into.

"Me too Caly, I wish you could come with us, maybe I could convince the witch lady to allow some of our friends to visit during the year." He doubted there was any chance of that happening but a demigod could dream.

"Maybe, but I do believe that it's time to head to your next session with Hecate." The ex-Titaness pointed towards the Big House where some of the Head Counsellors were already heading inside. Leo sighed and turned back towards Calypso giving her a tight hug.

"I'll see you after sunshine."

"I will repair boy." Leo gave her a cheeky grin and then dashed towards the blue building, unluckily he was the last one there, he scrambled for a seat just as Hecate started to talk.

"Good you're all here, let's get started. Today will be our last day of learning about the wizarding world, after we finish this session I'll be giving you updates on your departure for Britain. The rest of the week, until you leave, will be spent going over the knowledge that I have given to you all and practising your magic."

The notebook that was filled with notes was handed to Annabeth first, all of the demigods knew that there was no way that all of them could concentrate on what the goddess was saying and write it down. To solve this issue they quickly decided on creating a rota of who would write down the info they were told. While Frank was the only demigod without ADHD it would still be unfair to make him write it all down for them.

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