Chapter 1: I become a fairytale princess

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Percy's POV: 

As a demigod, Percy was used to bizarre circumstances being sprung onto him out of the blue. It had happened enough times that he just wasn't surprised when someone told him something that was clearly out of a fantasy book, but who was he to judge? His father was Poseidon, God of the seas, according to mortals the Gods were just a myth and shouldn't exist. But this was definitely something that he will have to cross off his '50-things-to do-before-20' bucket list for demigods.

The day had started out fairly average for Percy, he had woken up, had a quick shower, and rummaged through his messy drawer to find something to wear. He went with his classic orange camp half-blood shirt, dark blue Bermuda shorts, and flip flops.

He quickly attempted to tidy his bed before exiting his cabin and making his way to the dining pavilion. It was fairly full, Percy was never an early riser but he supposed it was an improvement, they usually had to send Annabeth to wake him up before breakfast was over.

He made his way over to the Poseidon table and sat down filling his plate with an assortment of cheese, bread, and fruits before making his way to the bonfire and threw in a large piece of bread and a small handful of blueberries. "To Poseidon." Smoke rose from where he sacrificed his food and the aroma of freshly baked bread and blueberry pancakes filled his nostrils. He made his way back to his table and began to tuck in.

"Good morning seaweed brain." Annabeth slid in next to him, kissing him on the cheek and setting her plate down. Percy smiled at his fiancée and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Hey wise girl, how did you sleep?" He grinned through the mouthful of blueberries that he just shoved into his mouth and made a start on his cheese and bread combo. Annabeth shrugged at his question, her lips were pinched between her teeth as she spread cream cheese onto a slice of bread and plopped a few berries on top.

"I slept fine, just a usual nightmare but it didn't wake me up this time." Percy hummed in understanding, it had been a week since Gaea's defeat and while most things had gone back to normal there were still a lot of things that hadn't quite. Percy could easily present a 10 slide PowerPoint as to why all of the demigods were not ok (mostly mentally) but he would need a laptop and a projector to do that, which he, unfortunately, didn't have.

"How are your siblings doing?" Percy summoned some blue hot chocolate into his mug and began taking cautious sips. Annabeth set down her mug of coffee.

"They're doing better, I think the whole camp is. I know that it will take some time, especially with two wars in the space of two years but as long as we're all together." She glanced up at him, a mellow smile on her face. Percy tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her closer, his smile matching hers.

"As long as we're together."

"I think I'll stop the two of you right there before the PDA commences." Percy stuck his tongue out at Leo as he plopped himself down from across them, Calypso settling herself beside him smiling at them in greeting.

"Real mature seaweed brain." Annabeth drawled, rolling her eyes at him. Percy opened his mouth, most likely about to make a sassy comeback.

"I'm assuming you both had a good rest last night?" Calypso intervened before a battle of the words could occur between the two.

"I slept well, I had a strange dream that Mr. D tuned me into a dolphin, it actually wasn't that bad." Percy shrugged as he shoved a few more blueberries into his mouth.

Leo snorted through a hastily put together sandwich, "Like that would be any different, you're already part fish." Percy frowned at Leo's response, why does everyone assume that anything that swims in the ocean is a fish.

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