Chapter 11: Don't let the bed bugs bite

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Third-Person PoV:

The cavern shook around her. Debris was cascading around her like snow, she could faintly hear the distant screaming of her mother as the slippery liquid started to rise from the ground, filling the dark world around her. The Giant cursed at her, aiming to hit her but was blasted apart as a large rock sailed through it, blasting apart into a golden shower of jewels. Their last means of escape were cut off as the entrance to the cavern was cut off.

It was pouring in fast. It was up to her waist now, she wildly turned about in the darkness for her mother, she heard the splashing near her but couldn't see her, she called out for her put all that came out was a gurgle a the oil pooled in. She gasped and gagged, trying to cough it out, but even more, just came in. She flapped her arms and kicked her dreary legs to push towards the top but it wasn't enough. She was sinking and running out of breath.

Then she wasn't pushing out oil from her mouth, it was hard and cold. And she was choking on it. Her vision brightened for just a few seconds to recognize that she was being overflowed by jewels, she lifted a hand and furrowed her eyebrows, demanding that the jewels sink back into the ground. But they didn't listen and just kept coming in and was filling up her mouth. A cold hand grasped her wrist and she was pulled out of the pit of gems.

"Why? It's all your fault! If you'd just done your part we wouldn't be dead!" Her mother shrieked, her usually brown eyes were colder than they used to be.

"B-but I'm not dead..." She trailed off before she was interrupted again.

She snarled at her and placed her hands onto her shoulders in a vice grip, "I'm still dead while you get to live another life!"

She felt them digging at her feet first and then the ground opened up, swallowing her whole back into the pit of precious stones. Her arms moved panic-stricken as she attempted to stop herself from sinking.

"You cursed me." A chorus of voices sounded next to her mother, her old school mates.

Her throat burned and her lungs spasmed as they filled up with the gems.

"I'm dead because of you." More people some she knew others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time when it happened.

She panicked, frantically kicking her limbs. Her body was tired and her eyes hurt as she forced them open, the jewels nearly covered her vision, it was getting hard to breathe as her throat clogged up.

"I was still cursed, wasn't I?" Even though he looked old she could still recognize him from anywhere, she tried to speak but all that came out was a croak.

She couldn't breathe. Air. She needed air. Now.

Even though she couldn't see her vision was spinning. Surely this couldn't be the end for her right? She could hear them all chanting, it was her fault that this all happened. Her vision darkened further, her heaving chest began to slow and her limbs dragged ger down further. Her breathing slowed and she began to lose consciousness. She really did deserve to die.

"HAZEL!" Hazel sat up and gasped in greedy gulps of air, her head was dizzy she slapped a hand to her chest, her other hand absently gripping Frank's in a vice grip, her hand settled as she felt her heart beating. It wasn't steady but fast, but it was beating. She was breathing, she was alive. She drew in more breath and gently lowered herself back onto the bed, drawing in slow, steady breaths. Hazel breathed out a sigh and took in her surroundings, Frank was holding her left hand, his face etched with worry. Nico was stood on the opposite side of the bed with a glass of water, his hair messy and wild. Will held a bowl of warm ambrosia with a spoon embedded in it.

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