Chapter 17: Down to Business

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Third-Person PoV:

Professor Umbridge kept a sickly smile plastered on her face as she marched past the students that were making their way to their dorms after the Hallow'een Feast, she could hear them all muttering and debate about what that Granger girl has shouted about in the Great Hall just earlier. If she were Headmistress she would've given her a month's worth of detention; her lips curled up in a dark smile as she pictured the girl crying out in pain as she forced her to use a blood quill. She opened the door to her office and stepped into her world of pink.

"Not good, not good." A lot of the students clearly agreed with the Gryffindor girl; if the next generation had these beliefs, then the Wizarding World could be completely tipped over, which would mean half-breeds get rights and Muggle-Borns would be treated better or even worse, Muggle subjects could be taught in Hogwarts! She speed-walked towards her desk ignoring the mewling of the cats and kittens in the pictures plastered upon her wall and thrust open her drawers scrambling for parchment paper and a pot of ink and her quill. "The Minister must know about this!" She paused, that wouldn't be such a good idea right now, if the American guests weren't here she would've sent a letter to Fudge without a second thought, she couldn't allow them to think of their government not having enough power to control their only Wizarding school. She slowly closed the drawer, she would have to do this herself. But how?

She sunk into her padded desk chair and heaved a sigh, she'd need to get at the root of the problem first and set them all apart. But who apart exactly? The School that after centuries of conflict was finally making a slow stand to be united? Or the American's, who was already a strong unit? Her pink manicured nails tapped on her desk in a rhythm, she was unsure and in a bit of a pickle. Her fingers paused in tapping the desk as her pointy teeth bit into her lips. She would need to have eyes throughout the school first, a team that was dedicated to just her, a cruel smile spread across her lips.

"Of course, a team of students, hmmm probably Slytherin would be best." The team should be composed of the most influential students, ideally with parents in the Ministry and pureblooded as well. She plucked up her quill and dipped it into the ink and began jotting down her plan onto parchment. "I'm sure the Minister would understand this, but I might need some more power to start this up, I'll Owl him today then and hopefully get a reply back by tomorrow..." She murmured and took out some more parchment paper and an envelope.

Dolores simply couldn't wait for her plan to be executed, it would work, her team of students could easily be used to disrupt within the students and the Royals. It would work, Wizarding Britain depended on her.

Meanwhile at the Staff...

The Professor's stood up with varying expressions on their faces. McGonagall was deep in thought, Snape's usual scowl was held even deeper on his face if possible, Trelawney seemed a bit sunnier than usual. Professor Sprout coughed to break the silence.

"I must say, this... is the first time other than Quidditch that I've seen all of the houses agree on something." She forced some positivity into her words.

"I don't know whether we should be glad that the houses are banding together after many centuries or concerned about how the Ministry may respond to what they're agreeing on." Flitwick folded his hands from his perch on a table.

"Umbridge will find a way to have some more control over the school and the students, probably have the Minister make up some kind of role for her. Claiming that we're poisoning the minds of the youth." Professor Hooch rolled her eyes at the last part.

"She may try to separate the Slytherin's some more from the other houses to get more control, especially from the more influential students." Snape drawled. "If she's desperate she might try to cause some disruption with the Americans."

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