Chapter 3: Staring at hot teens is unhealthy (and creepy)

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Third Person PoV: Grimmauld Place, London, 8 1/2 hours earlier

The Order, plus the other occupants of the house, sat around the enlargened dining table as another meeting was called. The Wyverns had joined them again, Dumbledore sat at the head of the table and called for order and the meeting commenced.

"Like you, all know Hogwarts has now 'officially' been informed that we'll be housing the Royal family of the American Wizarding world since they're due to arrive and be staying at the Wyverns when they're not at Hogwarts, I do believe that we now fully inform you of who's coming and what power they uphold in their family. Lady Wyvern if I may..." Wyvern Sr. passed Dumbledore a roll of parchment that he opened up, he skimmed over the paper as his spectacles moved down his nose. Harry bounced his leg under the table as he waited in anticipation.

"I've composed a booklet of all the information that I could find on the Royals that are coming, just make sure to act like you know nothing about them, I don't want to lose the Ministry's trust at such a crucial time like this" A thin smile spread across her lips.

"I give you my greatest thanks Lady Wyvern, I'm sure that this information will be helpful. Now, to inform you all.

"As we all know, the Olympia family is a large and excessive wizarding family with most of them being purebloods but their children being half-bloods, they sure do keep themselves busy as they have a lot of children with the vast majority of them being half-bloods."

"Really? I thought with a family like that they wouldn't dare to even breathe in the same air as a muggle." Sirius commented.

"Well they didn't even bother to involve themselves in the wizarding community till about the 1800s, I guess they prefer to accompany themselves with muggles, I understand why," Cedella responded, muttering the last part to herself but Harry heard her.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and continued talking. "Not much is really known about the family itself apart from the Ruling figures and the 'domains' or type of magic that they specialize in, which I'm sure you all know already."

"Actually Dumbledore, I'm not sure the children would know that maybe except for Hermione, even I'm not quite familiar with them." Molly piped up, a bit bashful as red coloured her cheeks.

"If I may I wouldn't mind explaining, I have to know it off by heart anyway," Cedella spoke, Dumbledore nodded his head and the girl rose from her seat.

"In the Olympia family, there are three overall Ruling figures known as the Big Three. King Zane, his realm being the sky. King Gale, his realm being the sea. And lastly King Hadrien his realm being the earth and underworld. Alongside them, they form the Council, which King Hadrien and Royal Duchess Adara recently joined. The other Royal figures are Royal Duchess Olivia, Royal Duke Sol, Royal Duchess Diana, Royal Duchess Astrid, Royal Duchess Terra, Royal Duchess Juno is also known as Queen Juno, Royal Duke Duncan, Royal Duchess Adara, Royal Duke Ignatius, Royal Duke Bacchus, and Royal Duke Noah.

"There are also many Dukes and Duchesses in the family, a lot of them, like in the Council itself, aren't related or are either distantly related. The Olympia family was adopted as more of a name towards their specific community in the wizarding world that is like them."

"Well, we can see that someone has been studying." Dumbledore smiled at the fifth year.

"How come they have their own community? Can anyone join?" Ron asked, confusion laced within his voice.

"I'm not sure how it works Ron." Hermione pursed her lips as the cogs in her brain began to start turning. "Maybe you need some sort of invitation to join the family..."

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