Chapter 9: Beware of the spades (in the deck of cards silly)

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Third-Person PoV: The Divination Tower, two hours ago

Reyna eyed Percy and Rachel as sly looks crossed their faces, she gave subtle coughs to let the two know that she was watching them before turning to the Professor to listen as well as an ADHD teenager could. The classroom was cramped with small circular tables and plush armchairs and pouffes, scattered around the room were crystal balls, teacups, teapots, candles, and little boxes of teabags. A light smog seemed to have settled around the room which the Praetor heavily believed was incense although it smelt heavily of perfume.

The Professor was best described as what a typical hippie in Reyna's eyes, she was thin and draped herself in shawls and shawls she covered herself with bangles, strings of beads, and glittering sequins. The thick-rimmed glasses that she wore made her eyes seem way bigger than they should be, almost bug-eyed. Her voice was ethereal when she spoke.

"Welcome to the last year of Divination, I'm surprised that so many of you survived the summer." Reyna noticed that some of the students rolled their eyes or huffed at her words, maybe this was her usual behaviour, trying to act like she could see as well as an Oracle could into the future. Then again, Rachel was an Oracle, not a Seer, there appeared to be some difference between the two.

She heard Percy mumble an "I'm surprised I did too." under his breath as Trelawney moved towards her table at the front.

"My Eye tells me that we have three new students with us, I pray that they stay with us till the end of the year." She wailed as her large eyes settled on them. "Beware of the water, you may make either friend or foe." She whirled around just before Percy snorted and Rachel chuckled, a few of the other Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's that were with them eyed them up, Reyna gave both of them swift kicks underneath the table which shut them up quite quickly and got them to straighten themselves out.

"In the past years, we have looked at Astrology, Tessomancy, Crystal-gazing, Dream Interpretation, Palmistry, and Bird entrails. This year we shall start by covering Fire-Omens and Cartomancy." From the corner of her eye, she noticed Percy involuntarily shiver at the mention of Fire-Omens, maybe it had something to do with down there.

"I'm sure that you all purchased a set of cards, this lesson we shall start by learning the meanings behind each card and attempt reading each other's futures." She reached into the backpack that contained her book on the cards and the packet of Tarot cards. She emptied the packet into her hands and spread them out in front of her on the table. She peered down at them and picked them up, Reyna had never quite liked prophecies or anything that delved into the future. Having something set in stone that she couldn't control wasn't nice, yet at the same time it was somewhat reassuring, but the Fates were never kind, especially to demigods.

When she turned back into the lesson she just had enough time to listen to Trelawney say that they should all start reading each other's futures, she sighed, she supposed she'd have to catch up, later on, she shifted in her seat to just catch Percy and Rachel giving each other mischievous looks. Her eyes thinned as the two drew out their cards.

"What are you both up to?" She said under her breath, Rachel grinned at the dark-haired girl and placed down her cards into a wheel formation in the middle of the table.

"Whatever do you mean RARA?" She batted her eyelashes at her in an innocent manner.

"We would never intentionally cause trouble." Percy gave her his signature crooked smile as he turned over 12 of the cards that Rachel had placed, he glanced over them and handed them over to Rachel who took away the remaining cards in the wheel and placed the twelve he had picked face down. He furrowed his eyebrows and carefully selected three cards, he allowed the Oracle to take away the other nine cards off the table and placed the three face-up and gave a dramatic gasp. Rachel grinned down at them and copied with an over the top:

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