Chapter 8: The snakes shed their skin

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Third-Pearson PoV: Gryffindor House, Fifth-year Boy's dorm

Harry woke up in a mood. Not a bad one, but it was certainly a bad mood. It wasn't the type that people knew you were in a bad mood but more of a feeling down. He supposed it was from last night, he and Seamus ended up in a fight that nearly got physical if Thalia hadn't stepped in. A shiver ran down Harry's back as he remembered her hard blue eyes that glared at them as she stormed in commanding them to shut up and argue in the morning as some people were trying to sleep.

He sat up and let out a yawn, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his glasses on his nightstand. He dragged his eyes to look at the clock and his eyes nearly bugged out. "RON! RON! GET UP IT'S NEARLY 8:30! WE'LL MISS BREAKFAST!" Ron shout out of bed, tumbling off the side of the bed and disappearing, Harry stuffed a laugh as he rose out of his bed, fixing the covers and fluffed out the pillow, Ron stood up glaring at Harry.

"Gezz mate, there was no need to be so loud." He grumbled and scratched his head, stretching his arms above his head and yawning. "Best get ready before 'Mione starts storming up." They quickly shoved on their clothes and bolted down the staircase of the boy's dorm nearly running into Hermione. She gave them a miffed look and stood with her hands on her hips, bag slung over her shoulder and resting behind her.

"I was just about to storm up and wake the two of you up, what took the two of you so long? Never mind let's hurry up and get breakfast." She cut them off and made her way to exit the dorm, the boys trailed after her. They ran their way to the Great Hall. "I heard that you had a row with Seamus last night." Harry looked at Hermione in shock for a second before letting out a sigh.

"Yeah well he didn't believe me about what happened in the Third Task, so I sort of went off on him and then Thalia came out of nowhere and stepped in before it could get any worse."

The brunette hummed in understanding before turning to glance at him, "I had the same issue with Lavender as well, you should be careful this year Harry a lot of people probably won't believe you." Harry was about to respond when they finally reached the Great Hall, they opened the doors and made a beeline for the Gryffindor table, but they did a double-take when they noticed all of the Americans sitting together, joking and laughing together as they ate their meals.

"Why are you lot sitting here?" Ron grunted as he began to stuff food in his mouth as quickly as he could, they turned to look at him, some of them making blatant faces of disgust or wrinkling their noses.

"I don't see a sign saying that we couldn't." Annabeth raised an eyebrow at him, they were dressed in the uniforms that they wore the previous night, each of them having their corresponding house's scarf wrapped around their necks.

Ron scowled at her, setting down the hastily put together 'breakfast-bagel' on his plate. "Well, I'm pretty sure the rest of us don't want you Snakes here." He sneered, Annabeth seemed more amused than offended by the statement, but Percy clearly didn't agree, his eyes narrowing at Ron and flashing a darker green, they seemed to swell in the morning light.

"I don't think they're that bad..." Neville shyly spoke up, his face reddened as they all turned to look at him. "I-I mean that Hazel has been nothing but nice to me since this morning, Cedella hangs around with the Slytherin's all the time and she treats me right. I was quite surprised when Draco apologized to me at the end of the Fourth year and even offered to tutor me in potions." He wrung his hands looking down at the table. Hazel placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him an encouraging smile.

"Thanks for standing up for me Neville, you didn't have to."

"That's what friends do right?"

"Glad to be friends with you too." Frank gave Neville an almost bashful smile.

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