Chapter 16: I am woman, hear me roar

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Third-Person PoV:

Piper pulled on Jason's hand as they went down the field in the Castle towards the Great Lake. Jason hadn't shown it on his features, but he was apprehensive, a stone had settled deep in his gut feeling like it weighed him down. He knew that something was going to happen but he wasn't sure whether the outcome would be good or bad. Piper tugged on his hand again once they reached the bank of the Lake, they lowered themselves to the ground and sat down, he felt the warmth of Piper's hand leave his as she rested it in her lap, her hands clutched tightly together.

"What did you want to talk about Pipes?" He gave her a tense smile, unsure of what was to come.

She drew in a deep breath and steadied her breathing, this was now or never. "Jason, I-we." She stopped for a second and finally met his blue eyes. "I think we need to break up."


"It's just that- it's just that our relationship was made up by Hera and I think at times the memories that she planted from the Mist are still there an-and I just-" A hand rested on her shoulders, she paused in her hurried response to look up at his eyes, there was some melancholy rooted inside of them but also understanding and she dares say relief.

"There's no need to explain yourself, Piper, I understand. I think I'm really starting to understand why a lot of the Greeks don't like the Gods that much, they just come to us when it benefits them and leave their messes behind for us to take care of. That wasn't right of Juno to do that to us, or anyone, love isn't forced it... comes in its own time and it's not for everyone." He reached for her hand and squeezed it tight. "Sometimes I was scared myself that some of these memories weren't mine or that my love for you was made up and false, I'm glad you had the courage to talk to when I didn't even have it to bring it up. Would you like to be friends and see where it heads from there?"

Piper's eyes swirled like a rainbow caught in a whirlpool, tears sprung up at the edges of her eyes. "Yeah, let's do that. I heard that some of the best relationships come from strong friendships."

"That's some pretty good advice." His lip quirked up at the corner. "I'm glad we were able to talk about this Pipes, I was afraid to lose you.

Lose her. But hadn't she already nearly lost him before. Hadn't they all nearly lost each other enough times for the Gods, for the chance to live, a chance to breathe and take in the fresh air as they dance around the intoxicating fields of strawberries that sprawled at home?

The air smelt metallic and she glanced past their joined hands to stare at his stomach. A gaping hole jutted through with a golden sword embedded in, the crimson liquid thickly dripped down his abdomen onto the stone underneath them. His skin paling and his breath laboured as he drew in raspy breaths, grunts of pain slipped past his lips as his face scrunched up, his skin was cooling beneath her very eyes as his blue eyes began to droop.

She blinked.

And she was back outside the doors leading to the Great Hall.

"Y-yeah, I'd hate to lose you too...".

Time skip: The Hallow'een Feast, The Great Hall

Hermione slipped past the doors with Daphne and Pansy at her side, she was happy to say that they'd made great progress regarding the issues of House-Elves. S.P.E.W had gained more members than she could have ever imagined, the name had to adapt as some of the members believed that the organization could also help support other Magical Beings and Beasts like humans turned into werewolves like Remus Lupin. The new name was now 'Association for the Welfare of Magical Creatures', A.W.M.C for short. Hermione had quickly gained the support of Cedella, she had given some advice on some of the politics and movements that her family has made in the past, their progress was slowed significantly and pushed back when Fudge became Minister. She had even invited the group to come over to her house at some point to interact with the Magical Creatures that would often reside in her garden.

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