Chapter 4: It's time to boil the kettle (cause the tea is getting hot)

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Third-Person PoV: M25

The limousine raced across the motorway as cars whizzed by on the other side blaring their horns that left a horrid sound in your ears. Hazel fixed her gaze away from the windows of the limo to stop her straining eyes to look at the scenery and back to Cedella, who was answering the fast blast of questions that Annabeth sent her way about famous buildings and places that resided in London.

When they had first boarded it was slightly awkward as they attempted polite conversations in refined tones before Percy slipped out of character along with Leo and began complaining about how they couldn't talk like that for much longer, they both received knocks to the back of their heads from Clarisse who growled at the two before Annabeth started apologizing to Cedella.

Cedella had barked out laughing, refusing to take Annabeth's apology as she stated that she already has enough of talking like this because of school and if anything it would be doing them all a favour of being able to talk more freely with each other since they'd be spending a lot of time with her family.

Hazel heard Nico hiss at the Stolls as they attempted to steal some of the fries from his Happy Meal that had been brought for them a couple of miles back at a McDonalds.

"-but if we're going there we won't be able to go to Sea Life!" Percy's voice took Hazel out of her thoughts, said boy pouted at Annabeth.

"I agree with Percy, Sea Life is near the London Eye, I wanna have a go on that." Jason inputted.

"But the line for the London Eye will be so long, then we won't have any time to go to Thorpe Park!" The Stolls and Leo argued.

"Apparently they have a ride that goes from 0-80 miles per hour in 2 seconds, I would like to try that," Butch said.

"Oh, I do remember going on that ride, it was great, but I think Colossus was better, it had corkscrew turns." Cedella nodded at him, the thought of the rollercoasters almost put Hazel off her McChicken nuggets.

"What about the Tate Modern? And the British Museum? It's not like my parents would ever let me go to England again, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to look at art in other countries." Rachel protested.

"Since we're on that topic I'm just going to say that the Lourve is overrated, the Mona Lisa is so small."

"You've been to Paris?" Hazel rose her eyebrows.

"Yeah, a few times with my old muggle school, the school always chose the worst times in the year to go so now I hate it. Disneyland Paris is such a letdown" She groaned and rolled her blue eyes. The limousine jolted as it went around the roundabout, knocking Clovis onto his side, Lou and Rachel manoeuvred to continue painting on his face or dying his eyebrows neon.

"That's a shame, when we went it was really nice." Annabeth mused, seeming to lose herself in memory.

The boys groaned and glared at Percy who shifted in his seat and shrunk back. "Please don't tell me that you took her to Paris for a date?" Frank ran a hand down his face in mock irritation.

"Maybe, it was more of a reward for helping out Duke Noah." He blushed and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"That's so sweet." Piper sighed, giving Jason a pointed look as everyone laughed at his misery.

"If Percy keeps this up he might just win an award for world's best boyfriend." Katie chipped in, said demigod only got redder, and hid his face in his hands, complaining about how everyone feels the need to pick on him. Cedella laughed but stopped and flinched when a train sped across the country with a loud blare, she covered her ears and released a whimper from her lips.

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