Chapter 20: What you gonna do? Repress it!

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Third-Person PoV: The Demigod's Dorm Rooms

His fingers nearly slipped as he tugged one last time onto the last stitch on her body, she grunted as the thread was tied off and a hiss left her lips which soon melted into a hum of contentment as nectar spilt onto the sealed wound.

"Try not to re-open it." She nodded at him as she clumsily stood up, fetching her spear that was discarded on the floor when she staggered in a couple of minutes ago.

"I'll try my best but it's chaos out there, thanks." She dashed out of the door, favouring her left side as she raced down the hill, it turns out she didn't even need to be careful about reopening her stitches since she'd soon be swallowing a Drachma and on her way to Hades. He moved towards the sink to wash the crimson off his hands, he didn't know when the next body would come to him, warm or cold. The demigod dried his hands just as he heard the thudding of feet against the ground, he focused his powers on the demigods approaching to know what he needed to heal as soon as they arrived.

A wound to the abdomen, most likely from a Hellhound and it was relatively deep, he didn't know how far away they were when they were injured but he doubted that even if he sutured their wounds and gave them some ambrosia and nectar they'd survive. He speed-walked past some of his siblings, two of them nodded at him as they slung their arrows and bows across their backs and a dagger strapped onto their thighs as they headed out to the battlefield with a first aid kit in their hands, to fetch a sterilized needle and more water to cleanse the wound.

A boy nearly tripped over into the infirmary, practically falling over the demigod he was carrying, blood leaked through their ripped clothing starting to drip onto the floor which was starting to get caked in dirt and dried blood.

"Please! I need a medic!" Tears and snot were smeared across his face, the boy leaning heavily on him hummed in a hazy acknowledgement.

"The bed over there is free, lay him down quickly." He pointed over to a bed that's sheets were stripped a new sheet of paper was placed over it.

They dragged the injured demigod over to the bed and hoisted them up, shoving them more in the centre, he recognized the boy in the bed, he was from Cabin 6.

"I-I'm gonna head back to the battlefield, hang in there. It's going to be alright." His voice cracked at the end, he sniffled and gave the son of Athena a squeeze on his hands.

"M'kay." He gave him one last lingering look before they rushed out the door, picking up the sword that he only just noticed resting outside the door. He picked up his clean supplies and rushed over to his new patient.

"I'm going to clean your wounds first and then I'll close your wounds, I'll warn you though I might be a bit rough as I need to get this done as quickly as possible." A weak smile greeted his lips as he took a pair of scissors and cut at his shirt, not waiting for a response. The shirt was discarded into a bin next to the bed, he opened the drawer in the cabinet beside him to take out a fresh cloth and began to disinfect the two deep lesions. The blonde let out a weak ground of pain, tilting his head to the left, he spied some tears that leaked from his foggy, grey eyes.

He pulled on a new pair of gloves, quickly using a needle driver to pick up a pre-threaded sterilized needle with thread, he drew the first wound back with tissue forceps to see how deep the wound went. The abdominal aorta was ruptured, he needed to do this quick. He wasted no time in, inserting the needle in the skin, ensuring that it wouldn't go below the fat, his mind seemed to drift as he went through the familiar method of suturing a wound. His patient squirmed and cried in pain.

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