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B O Y ' S

***Archer's pov (last one)***

It's funny how one person can cause a change of heart. How is it that one person can cause a swelling of heart, a change in mind.

I could care less about revenge or other frivolous things, now I just want her to know how I feel. I want her forgiveness. No, I need her forgiveness.

Time and Mother Nature just weren't on my side, it was raining and the sky for the past few days has been a gloomy grey. I lost track of time somewhere along the way, it's Christmas and yet there's little joy so far. It's been nearly a week since I last saw her, I've spent the holiday break just thinking and then thinking some more after I finish my initial thoughts. Any plans of me visiting her and professing my feelings that are more than a mere attraction will have to wait, it isn't the right time. 

She needs space and I need time to properly plan how I'll tell her how I genuinely feel.

It's all about timing, we have to be at the right place at the right time.

As I'm stuck on figuring out a romantic gesture that will win her trust back I hear my phone ring.

I pick it up just to hear my mother's frail voice, "Merry Christmas, honey."

I smile a bit although she can't see it from her sterile prison. I don't say anything for a moment, wishing that my mother could be home this holiday.

"Archer?" she asks.

I sigh.

"Is something the matter?" she questions when I don't reply.

"Yeah," I say, just above a whisper through the phone.

I hear her phone shift a bit and hear her ask for the nurse to get out of the room for a second so she can console me in peace.

"I like this girl, Mom," I tell her, continuing after she lets me know I can continue, "but the problem is... The problem is that I did something wrong and she's upset with me."

"Honey, what did you do?" she asks.

I sigh and think of a nicer way to put it.

"I emotionally hurt her in an attempt at getting money for your hospital bills," I say slowly.

She gives a sigh that I can hear through the phone. 

"Your cancer-stricken mother doesn't need her son to grovel for money. Talk to her, Arch. I bet that she will forgive you, she's probably a smart girl who knows how to forgive and forget. After all, you're falling for her. She must be incredible if you're falling for her, you've never once mentioned a girl to me. If she doesn't understand you and refuses to accept an apology then she isn't the one for you," she tells me, a nurse's voice in the background.

"I have to go, Archer. I love you," she says, hanging up before I get the chance to say anything back to her.

I put down the phone and think carefully about what my mother just said. She was right, she always is.

I get up from my bed and decide it would be best if I take a shower, I need to pick up the broken pieces and get my life back together. The moment I'm about to head into the shower another phone call interrupts, this one is from my best friend who punched me a few days ago.

My eye is recovering now but hues of purple and blue still are apparent at a mere glance. I would have to formally thank Zac for my holiday appearance.

"Whittington Lane, New Year's Eve," I hear his voice say the moment I press the device to my ear.

"What?" I ask, confused at the words he just now threw at me.

"Ellie's going to be at Whittington Lane on New Year's Eve," he explains, still a bit vague on the whole subject.

I raise an eyebrow, why was he telling me this?

A lightbulb moment happens in my head a few seconds later.

"Whittington Lane, New Year's Eve. Grey's going to be at Whittington Lane on New Year's Eve," I repeat.

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