[4] Talk is Cheap

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B O Y ' S

His eyes are closed throughout our kissing session, however, mine don't stay closed and become wide open. My eyes become wide open and I suddenly find myself staring straight at Ryder.

I find myself staring straight back at him, he finds himself staring right back at me.

Archer kissed me abruptly because he saw Ryder, Ryder saw us abruptly kiss.

After our lips shift apart I curse under my breath, Archer not even able to hear the remark. I genuinely didn't expect to face Ryder so soon, I was still hurt from his poor actions and seeing him made my heart sink.

Or rather have him face me. Ryder drops the books he's carrying and scurries to pick them back up, obviously shocked by Archer and I. A few seconds pass and Ryder's in front of me, Archer's arm is now around my waist as if he's acting as a support system rather than a lover.

"Hi," Ryder says softly, ignoring Archer and looking straight at me.

I refuse to say anything for a moment, the moment surreal. I still stand in a state of shock, various emotions overwhelming me.

"Hi," I reply back faintly, my voice shaky and about to crack.

He gives a small smile, the smile I thought I loved. No, the smile I did love.

He glances at Archer coldly before asking, "Can we talk?"

He says he wants to talk; I could have talked three months ago. Ryder and I could have talked before he cheated and before he began to feel indifferent towards me. We could have left the mess of a relationship before it even officially became a mess. But, he didn't think that through. Probably like he didn't think I would find out about his secret girlfriend.

"Aren't we talking right now?" I ask in a cold voice, I see his smile drop.

He shakes his head slowly before replying, "Alone."

I don't say anything and instead, I do something, I take Archer's arm from around my waist and nod my head away. Motioning that we can talk alone but in another area of the school lot. He picks up on my notion and begins to lead me; I feel a hand grasp my wrist before I can walk too far away.

Archer is staring deeply at me as if he's trying to say something through his eyes. I give a gentle smile and he lets go of my arm.

Ryder leads me a whole ten feet away before I tug on his shirt and cause him to turn around.

And when he's facing me properly I take my hand and slap him across the face.

He says he wants to talk, but talk is cheap.

* * *

To be completely honest it wasn't my initial intention to slap Ryder across the face, the opportunity to slap him was just simply presented.

I actually considered for a split second to hear him out, but that would have done me no good. Ryder certainly didn't deserve to be heard out.

After I slapped him I strutted away, giving a glance back at him once just to see him with his hand over his freshly rosy red cheek. I always was told I made an impression on people.

It didn't hit me until I dramatically got into my car that I realized my car was nonfunctioning at this moment due to a certain bad boy.

After I saw Ryder drive off I ejected myself from the driver's seat and headed back around to Archer.

"Do you need a ride?" he asks as if what he just saw didn't occur.

"Yeah, I mean you broke my only one," I say, still a little upset.

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