[22] The Truth

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B O Y ' S

"It's my fault Nilsen cheated on you."

"What?" I ask, taken off guard by what Archer just said.

Archer moves his head from my shoulder and takes a look at me, realization appearing in his drunken eyes in less than a minute.

"I'm drunk, I don't know what I'm saying!" he exclaims, trying to roll the subject off as he picks up the alcohol bottle again.

I shake my head and take the bottle out of his hand, wanting him to tell me the truth. He owes it to me, to tell the truth.

I get myself up, the blanket that gave me warmth falling down at my action.

"Tell me the truth," I state.

He stares at the bottle in my hand instead of staring directly at me. He may be tipsy, but he still is conscious.

"Ryder met your cousin because I set them up. I didn't know she was your cousin, I swear. He told me that if I helped him get laid I would get paid. He said he wasn't getting anything good from his girlfriend and at the time I really needed some cash. But, then he got caught cheating and as a result, he didn't give me the money. At the time I barely even knew you and I thought Ryder was only looking for a one night stand. I was desperate for money and didn't even think about the possible consequences. Grey, believe me when I say I'm sorry because I am," he states in a jumble.

"You're willing to ruin peoples happiness for money, you're no worse than Ryder. You let Ryder cheat, you knew that he had a girlfriend. He may have been the one who cheated on me, but how come I feel as if you did too in a way," I reply, speaking based on emotions.

He doesn't respond.

"Were you ever going to tell me this? Are you really only being honest with me because you accidentally let it slip while being drunk?" I question quickly, tears forming in my eyes.

Archer stares blankly at me, unable to respond. I get my answers from his lack of response, Archer unable to deny anything. He watches as a few tears make their way down my cheeks.

"Grey, I'm sorry," he says, his eyes showing regret. 

I divert my eyes and open up the glass door, closing it behind me.

I grab my keys and bag knowing that I'm more than ready to leave. However, I feel a hand on my wrist before I can reach the door.

I turn around to see Archer's regretful eyes.

"Grey," he whispers.

I move his hand off of me.

"I have to go," I reply.

I open the front door and close it behind me, walking to my car with the slight hope that he would stop me. But, he doesn't come after me. Instead, I drive home and make my way to my room. I sit on my bed and reflect on what just happened, tears still streaming down my face.

After a while, I take out my phone from my bag and unlock it once I've come up with a proper text message to send.

It would be a message to send to Archer.

Sorry I found out Ryder was cheating on me, sorry you couldn't get that cold hard cash you wanted, and sorry that you drunkenly revealed the truth to me. Today you revealed the real Archer West. Don't worry about picking me up for school or walking me to class, I'm sure that I can just find another asshole to do those things. After all, assholes seem to be the only guys that I attract... I was stupid to think that you're capable of kindness, you're just one hell of an actor. You're just playing a game, a game is all it's ever been. For a second I thought that you might actually care about me... I thought that maybe it was more than just a game to you... I can't believe I almost fell for it. 

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