[2] Ring, Ring

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B O Y ' S

"Ring, ring! Your favorite badass is out at the moment, please leave a message at the buzz, or not I couldn't care less. Have a fucking fantastic day. Yours truly, Archer West."

Archer West is a full-fledged idiot, he has the nerve to tell me to give him a call and yet he doesn't even bother to answer my spontaneous call when I finally decide to reach out to him.

It wasn't of my intentions to reach out to the smirking asshole, however, I had a freaky moment like one from That's So Raven at 2:16 am in the comfort of my own bed in which convinced me to play along with Archer's game. There's no way I would fall for such an arrogant, cocky, and narcissistic asshole so playing his game couldn't possibly be of any harm. In addition, Archer's cheeky game would mean revenge on Ryder Cheating Nilsen.

Perhaps he wasn't answering my phone call because it was nearly three in the morning, but nevertheless, he should be on call after proposing such a daring game.

Thirty minutes pass of silence and darkness before I hear my phone vibrating rapidly, the phone's screen flashing with his name on it.

"I knew you would call," he says the moment I pick up, his voice sounding dry and low as if he had just now wakened up.

I ruffle my nose and reply, "And how is that?"

"There's only one person who hates Ryder Nilsen more than me, you would do anything to get back at him," he replies swiftly, I could just imagine his ever so cocky grin.

"I don't necessarily hate him," I mutter, not wanting to admit that Archer was right.

He snorts through the phone and I hear each and every breath of his, "Darling, you hate him with your whole entire soul."

I don't reply to him immediately, I do hate Ryder. Ryder is probably an even bigger asshole than Archer West, the simple mention of Ryder painful.

"Anyways, what's the game plan?" I ask, shifting the phone to my other ear.

"Glad to hear that you're speaking my language," he begins, "At school tomorrow I'll properly court you and then win the game because you'll fall in love with me quicker than it takes Taylor Swift to write a song about her ex."

I laugh; he's got a half crack decent sense of humor. Maybe these fake three months wouldn't be entirely awful; I mean as long as I keep a wall up that is perfectly indestructible.

"Court me?" I ask and pause before continuing, "Who am I, Juliet?"

He snickers, "You've got a big smart ass mouth, Grey."

I cockily smile to myself in the midst of the night. Moonlight peeking through my slightly dusty blinds.

We talk for fifteen minutes about aimless nothing until I find myself yawning.

"Go to sleep," he says softly through the phone.

I shake my head, in which he obviously can't see and yet he sighs in response to my unsaid reaction.

"No, you go to sleep," I whisper into the phone.

I could now imagine him shaking his head.

"Okay," he says, three consecutive beeps occur and notify me that he has hung up on me.

Goodnight, Archer.

* * *

Five a.m.

At five in the morning, I receive a call from the same voice I had last heard from two hours ago.

I ignore the call at first, but the ringing and vibrating of my phone had become so incredibly frequent it was hard to ignore. He even bothered to leave voice mails by the dozen. The constant beeps of my phone were more than just irritable.

Tip: Don't agree to an asshole's proposition on a whim.

Our little game hadn't officially started yet and I am already ready to call quits. Archer West has quite the nerves and is quite obnoxious, and to think that he believes I am going to fall for someone of his nature.

Four calls later and I find myself picking up my phone and answering it very sleep deprived.

"What do you want?" I groan into my phone.

He doesn't say anything for a second; I hear a tap in my room. I turn towards the noise to see Archer tapping against my window at five in the morning.

I slide out of bed and make my way to the window, struggling to open it. Once it's barely open he pulls it all the way up and slides through.

He's wearing a maroon hoodie with dark grey joggers, his hair is completely disheveled and yet he still looks like a person who could be on the runway.

"Good morning, Princess," he says, his voice not at all fazed by the time of day.

I don't say anything and just roll back into bed. After a minute of relaxation my phone rings, I answer.

"Morning, Princess."

I throw my phone back down and bury my face into my beloved pillow.

Seconds later and my phone rings again.

"What the fuck do you want?" I yell into my phone.

"You," he says smoothly.

Why was he calling me when he was literally two feet away?

I prepare myself to retort something witty back, but before I get the chance I hear a knock on my bedroom door.


"Honey, are you okay?" I hear my dad ask.

My eyes bulge slightly and I push myself up from my comfortable position and stare at Archer, I hear the sound of my doorknob twisting.

In the two seconds of it twisting I run towards my door and put all my body weight against it, not wanting my dad to open it and reveal Archer.

"I'm okay, Dad. Just-"

Archer smirks at me and makes a fake moaning sound. The asshole makes a moaning sound, and not a tummy hurts moaning sound.

"Honey?" my dad asks through the door.

I glare at Archer.

"Cramps, girl stuff," I mutter, hoping my bluff would be acceptable.

I don't hear a reply for a long moment, myself absolutely terrified of what my dad could be thinking about.

"Okay, if you need anything just tell me," he replies and I hear his footsteps from him walking away.

The moment the coast is clear I move from the door and mouth a big 'f you' to Archer.

"I love you too, darling," he replies with a cheeky grin.

I give him a smirk and silently reassure myself that he will be the one to say the words to me truthfully in less than three months. I can't wait until the day he says those three words meaningfully and I simply crush his big bad boy heart.

Three words are all it takes, I love you.

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