[40] The End

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B O Y ' S

Time never stops, time passes fast. 

"Forty minutes until boarding begins," I say, nervous to walk through security and leave Archer.

Archer unlocks the car's doors and pops open the trunk. He walks out of the car and gets my luggage out of the trunk. I stay in the car for a few more seconds, knowing that this would be my last time in this car for awhile. We're at the airport, my six-hour flight to New York takes off in about an hour.

Archer knocks on the passenger side window, wondering if I ever plan to get out of the car. I give him a nervous look, suddenly feeling uneasy and uncertain about going to New York.

"Grey, you're going to miss the plane at this rate. Come on, you have to go," he says to me, his hand on the door handle.

He opens the door for me and I get out, grabbing one of my bags. Archer would at least walk me to baggage check before leaving altogether. I could still be with him now, therefore, I plan on enjoying every minute.

I roll my luggage and feel the sleep deprivation begin to kick in, I pulled an all-nighter so that I could spend my last night home with Archer.

We walk up to the check-in area and I stop walking, he does too.

I face him and give the smallest of smiles, hopefully, it's a smile that can mask a few emotions of mine that I don't want him to notice.

"I'm going to miss you, Archer."

I lean in until my lips reach his, my arms instinctively make their way around his neck. Archer's arms move to my waist and he holds me for one last time.

Archer kisses me with passion, pure passion. His lips move fast because he knows that the time we have left is little. I kiss back with equally as much passion, not even caring about the disgusting amount of PDA we're displaying at the airport at six in the morning.

We kiss for the sake of expressing intimacy. We kiss because we-

"I love you, Elliot Grey," he mumbles into the kiss.

The moment I hear the words I try to push away from the kiss, his arms not allowing me to do so.

"What's wrong, babe?" he asks, a little disappointed with me backing away.

Did he not realize what he just said?

"You just told me that you love me," I whisper.

He gives me a raised eyebrow in confusion, realizing what he just confessed after a moment. His eyes widen and he's left speechless once he realizes.

"Game. Set. Match. No more cigarettes, alcohol, or player ways," I tell him with a big smile.

He returns the smile and maintains a firm grip on my waist.

"You're a lot prettier than whiskey bottles and cigars. I would rather have your lips against my lips than have a cigarette against my lips. This is a game I'm happy to lose... As long as you say 'I love you' too," he states, leaning in closer to me.

"I love you too."

He kisses me on the forehead, pulling back after a moment.

"Bye, Grey," he says, letting me go.

I give him a wide grin and hold my collection of luggage by their handles.

"Bye, West."

There's this thing about goodbyes... 

Goodbyes aren't forever.

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