[34] Officially His

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B O Y ' S

"Grey, wake up."

No thanks.

I keep my eyes shut and begin to roll myself over as an attempt to escape my alarm, Archer. I open my eyes to see Archer sitting next to me, his eyes are gazing at me but not with adoration. Instead, his eyes stare at me with annoyance.

"It's ten forty, come on. We're supposed to meet up with Zac and Arden in less than twenty minutes," he says to me as if that would convince me to get out of bed.

I groan, covering my face with one of my pillows. I almost forgot that Archer and I had arranged to have lunch with Zac and Arden today. If Archer wasn't here I certainly would have slept through the day, I could never get enough sleep.

Archer had come over to my house at ten to pick me up, however, when he arrived I went straight back to bed after opening the door for him. 

"El, come on," he states in a serious tone.

I begin to sit up and I lean my head against his shoulder, he places an arm around me. I close my eyes, ready to drift off once again.

"Hey, El," Archer begins to say, pausing for a moment, "I love-"

I open my eyes, giving him my undivided attention.

He looks at me and chuckles, finishing his sentence, "food so can you please get ready for our lunch with Zac and Arden."

I remove his arm from me and get up, knowing that Archer set me up for disappointment. He wasn't planning to say the three words but he knew that I would immediately become alert if it seemed like he was going to.

"You're the worst," I state, my words followed by a yawn.

He chuckles once more before replying, "El, I'm not going to say the words when I can't kiss you after saying them."

I give him a confused look. "Why can't you kiss me right now?"

"Morning breath isn't my thing," he confesses, causing me to roll my eyes.

I take his right hand and escort him out into the living room. I only have fifteen minutes to get ready and Archer was only acting as a distraction, therefore, he had to go. In addition, I have to shower and get dressed, that's something that has to be done without Archer.

After I tell Archer to wait for me in the living room, I put on the infamous Kidz Bop CD that Archer got me and I get into the shower.

It's absolutely horrid but perfectly horrid. 

It's fifteen minutes of listening to auto-tuned teenagers while I get myself ready for the day. I end up wearing a white blouse, high-waisted skinny jeans, and flats.

Casual, cute, and comfy. The three necessary C's in my life.

After I grab my bag I walk out into the living room to see Archer on his phone. I quietly walk towards him, wanting to surprise him. He's sitting on the couch with his back facing me, it seems like an easy task because he's evidently invested in whatever he's looking at on his phone. Before I can startle him he turns around to face me.

"Trying to startle me?" he asks.

I sigh and reply, "do you always have to ruin my fun?"

He nods and gives me a smile. 

We leave my house shortly after our small exchange, we take my car but Archer insists on driving. I turn on the radio and text Arden that we're on our way.

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