[17] Bowling Date

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"Grey, won't you make me a very happy man and let me take you out today?" Archer suggests, leaning against my baby blue beetle.

It's the same car that we first kissed against, except now it's several weeks later and Archer's now returning the car after damaging it.

I give Archer a slightly raised eyebrow, looking down at my attire. I wouldn't call a plain white t-shirt and rolled up boyfriend jeans the perfect date attire. I certainly looked far too casual for a conventional date.

"Depends, what's the agenda if I say yes?" I question back, not bothering to say a definite answer.

Today was supposed to be a relaxed day at home where I could indulge in ice cream and movies. It was supposed to be the type of day where I would think about how Liam told me he likes me and how two people knew that Archer and I weren't in a real relationship. Well, two people other than ourselves.

I should probably tell Archer that I told Liam, but then again that could be an unpleasant conversation.

"I'll take you to a romantic bowling alley because of today's half day and then you'll profess your undying love for me sometime during the second frame," he answers, opening up the passenger door as if he knew I would say yes.

I roll my eyes, telling him to wait a moment so that I would have time to grab my crossbody and a light denim jacket from inside of my house. After I get my belongings, I take a seat next to Archer in the car. Archer seems to drive my car more than I do.

Archer plugs up his shattered smartphone to the car and turns on alternative music, his music taste evidently was a lot like my own.

The overall ride is quiet with the occasional comment one of us makes about the scenery, the car ride short and uneventful.

However, it wasn't short enough because my mind wandered off and made me think about everything that has recently transpired. I mostly thought about Archer and Liam, my mind puzzled by both men.

The moment that the car clock strikes noon we pull up to the local bowling alley, numerous amounts of people making their way in and out. I step out of the car and start heading for the inside, Archer's hand on my lower back as we walk.

Once we reach the front counter he pulls out his wallet, showing me that he would be paying for our outing.

"One lane, two people, two games," he says to the girl running the counter.

She nods and tells him the total amount before asking us for our shoe sizes.

"Eleven for me, eight for my girlfriend," he tells her.

She returns back with our bowling shoes shortly after and Archer takes both pairs from her. Archer finishes the transaction before leading me towards our lane, passing me a pair of shoes.

"How did you know my shoe size?" I ask him.

I take off my regular shoes and wrap my jacket around my waist, putting on the groovy bowling shoes.

He simply shrugs, "I guessed."

I take a seat at the electronic game board in order to set up the game. While I type our names in, Archer tells me that he's going to go get us some bowling balls to use.

I punch our names into the system swiftly, admiring my work after I finish. After Archer calling me by my last name so much I've just automatically been calling myself by it too, noticing that I typed in my last name.

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