[11] Slow Dancing in the Rain

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B O Y ' S

Archer picks me up from my house at five in the afternoon, however, he's not with his usual motorcycle. Archer stands waiting for me next to a car, one that must be borrowed.

My dad happens to be home at the time, he makes sure to observe me as I walk out of the front door. My dad would be upset it he knew of Archer's reputation, myself making sure to not mention the flaws of Archer when explaining who was picking me up for the dance. I'm my father's little girl and if he sees me with a bad boy it would surely break his heart. My dad truly wants for me to end up with someone with the characteristics of a prince, someone like Liam. He has always taken a liking to Liam, especially since Liam was there for me when my mom was sick.

Archer, however, is much different from Liam. He may not have been there for me years ago, but he is in fact here with me now. Archer presents me a corsage for the dance, it has a red rose and a couple smaller flowers around it. I put on the corsage around my wrist, noticing a matching single rose in the car's dashboard that is for him.

After situating ourselves and getting into the car we head towards school, both staying quiet throughout the drive. We drive up to the school's gymnasium area and find a parking space shortly after, the lot has begun to fill up. He shuts off the engine and walks over to my side, opening the door up like a true gentleman.

"Thank you," I say courteously, taking out of the car the single red rose that matches my corsage.

He stands still as I carefully place the rose onto his jacket, his eyes are staring directly at me the entire time.

"You clean up well, Grey," he tells me, extending a hand out to me.

I accept his nothing and we continue by walking hand in hand to the entrance, showing our school identification cards before entering the white with silver balloon decorated gym. As soon as we walk in I spot Arden in a one shoulder chiffon red dress, Arden always one to stand out at events.

Arden pushes Archer and me into one of the three photo booths situated close to the entrance, the two of us barely fitting in the cramped space.

Archer reaches his hand out and presses a couple settings in the booth and the countdown begins.

The first picture we're pulling off ridiculous faces, looking absolutely hilarious and disorientated.

The second picture we're smiling, genuine smiles that indicate happiness.

The third photo I'm still smiling straight at the camera while Archer's smile has morphed into a smirk directed at me.

The fourth photo and his lips are just a mere millimeter away from mine.

Somehow in the quick transition in-between three and four, he manages to get me to look at him and he almost kisses me, his lips an inch from mine. If there were a fifth photo it would be of me wide-eyed due to shock.

Archer moves his lips away from the close position, walking out of the booth as if nothing has happened.

"What the heck was that?" I ask him.

"A photo booth," he says.

"You almost kissed me," I reply back, still a bit off guard.

"Keyword is almost, it will surely make a good photo. The photo looks real enough so when Ryder comes by the photo booth print out wall he certainly will see ours and be pissed," he explains, justifying his spontaneous action.

I grab the printed out photo strips, tearing him one and tearing one for myself. I place mine in my clutch and he places his copy in his jacket pocket. The third strip we drop off at the area a couple volunteers are sitting at and collecting the photos to display on a wall people could view.

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