[9] Asking Archer

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B O Y ' S

Every year our school hosts a Sadie Hawkins style formal, girls asking guys to the dance rather than the traditional other way around. In fact, the school's Sadie Hawkins dance is tomorrow night, the time of it this year just merely weeks after Archer and I had become acquainted.

It was only necessary that I ask Archer, Archer my boyfriend of course. However, I still am hoping that he will simply reject my offer and say that annual school dances aren't cool.

However, a small part of me hoped that Archer would agree to go because Ryder allegedly will be attending the formal with an old friend of mine.

"Archer, go to the winter formal with me," I state rather than asking.

Archer gives me a raised eyebrow, contemplating what I just stated.

We are currently having a picnic of sorts in my backyard, the two of us not bothered by the idea of spending time with one another. I wasn't very successful on a Calculus test and so Archer offered earlier that after school we would indulge in two pints of ice cream and music in the backyard.

"No," he says, bursting my slightly hopeful bubble.

"Why?" I ask, putting down my ice cream spoon.

He shrugs, not giving up a valid response.

"I would have to buy you a flower bracelet thing and dress up," he says in a grumble.

I roll my eyes due to the fact that Archer acknowledges the fact that he is indeed lazy and a pig.

"Shush, I bet you look great in a suit. It would only be for a few hours and I'll even get my own corsage," I reply, countering his grumble.

"No," he repeats.

"You're hopeless," I say with a sigh, giving up on the idea of going to the dance.

"No, I was saying no about the whole you buying your own corsage. I'm not letting you buy your own, I may not be able to afford a car but I can afford some flowers on a rubber band," he says clearly and precisely, his pride obviously harmed.

"Okay, there it is, we're going to the dance," I reply.

He fetches a cigarette out of one of his pockets, this cigarette being the ninth cigarette I'll witness him smoke. It's my plan to get him to stop before he wastes all of his college tuition on cigarettes.

I give him a slightly disgusted look, people say that cigarettes in a good looking guy's mouth is hot, however, I must disagree.

After he finishes up with his little smoke and I finish my ice cream he leaves on his motorcycle. After confirming his departure I go to my bedroom, a notification on my computer calling for my attention.

Turn around.

I turn around to see nothing, confused on as to what I'm supposed to see until a familiar blonde reveals herself.

I grin upon realizing who it is and she instantly drops her Prada bag on the floor.

"Ellie!" she yells, walking over in her high heels.

I walk over and hug her, extremely happy in regards to the fact that my best friend is back from an extended stay in Europe.

"Hey, Arden," I reply, my smile larger than ever.

* * *

It's now a little past midnight and Arden, my best friend, has now been partially informed about myself dating Archer. I may have left out the part that we're fake dating, however, that still is confidential even if she's my best friend.

She reacted to the news in joy because the fact that I'm dating again supposedly means that I'm truly over Ryder, Arden never a huge fan of Ryder in the first place.

Arden Michaelson is genuinely opinionated and stubborn, born a natural fashion icon and coming from a wealthy family. It's funny that we're friends because she's everything I'm not and vice versa. Arden and I are opposites, but opposites are said to attract.

Arden has been a foreign exchange student for the past two months in France, Arden's family having real estate overseas and an aunt living there.

Her hair now is lighter than when she left with more noticeable highlights, her personality just as bold as ever.

She is genuinely happy that I am dating again, however, when I told her who I'm dating she was a bit apprehensive.

"Archer West? Please tell me that you didn't just go from one asshole to another," she exclaims, giving me a funny look.

I just give a small smile and laugh, knowing that she is right.

"Oh shush. Nobody is a bigger asshole than Ryder," I reply, almost defending Archer.

She proceeds by rolling her eyes.

"I can't believe that you're dating Archer... And for nearly three weeks," she says with a face of disbelief.

I shrug, however, I too am surprised that Archer and I am an item.

"Do you like him?" she asks, the disbelief washed off her face.

"Yeah?" I question.

She proceeds in hugging me.

"My gorgeous best friend with the hot bad boy, isn't that a sight to see? Ellie, please just don't fall too hard too quickly," she says warningly, well aware that heartbreak is possible when dealing with romance.

I just give a small smile in response.

"I won't, I promise."

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